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n.1.The dorbeetle; also, a drone or an idler. See 1st Dor.
v. t.1.To deceive. [Obs.] See Dor, v. t.
2.To deafen with noise.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The most important thing to remember about the name change to the Center for Economic Vitality is that no services will change whatsoever, Dorr said.
In his new role, Dorr will coordinate the implementation of innovative technologies and develop customised financial tools for Mi BANK clients.
The winners for each category were: Jim Davis (Best Dessert), Brent Cornell (Best Main Dish), Josh Hill (Best Side Dish), Joe Dorr (Best of Show), Mike Mayer (Best Soup), and Randy Mitchelson (Best Appetizer).
When contacted, both Superintendent Dorr Cooper and County Inspector Reginald Mehn said they were out of the county and Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs Saye E.L.
The Des Moines Register reported that most of the video depicts Dorr reading a post from an anti-LGBTQ blog.
Sfekas said Dorr should clarify his earlier testimony linking the print to Payton and that the testimony should again be subject to the defense's cross-examination.
Dorr wasted no time announcing his hire in the president's favorite social forum.
Mr Dorr said: "I expressed surprise at this since I thought it unlikely that Paisley would leave himself open on something like this."
The acquisition of Bitbau Dorr GmbH will enable Sika to expand its product portfolio.
The preoperative femoral bones were classified as Dorr types A, B, and C in 12, 15, and 7 hips, respectively.