dorsal vertebra

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Noun1.dorsal vertebra - one of 12 vertebrae in the human vertebral columndorsal vertebra - one of 12 vertebrae in the human vertebral column; thoracic vertebrae extend from the seventh cervical vertebra down to the first lumbar vertebra
vertebra - one of the bony segments of the spinal column
back, dorsum - the posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine; "his back was nicely tanned"
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After the 7th dorsal vertebra the neural arches are poorly preserved and the vertebral centra are rotated 90 degrees to the right side.
Material: Three dorsal vertebra fragments (MG 8809) including a transverse process and a partial neural arch preserving the prezygapophysis.
Material: Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada (TMP) 1997.004.0002, partial posterior dorsal vertebra.
The image showed a paravertebral mass with infiltration of the 12th dorsal vertebra. The diagnosis of an adenocarcinoma metastasis was made through a CT-guided biopsy.
During one, his ninth dorsal vertebra was fractured; during another he went into a coma so long that, convinced that he had died, Ferdiere ordered his body dispatched to the asylum mortuary--where Artaud came to!
EKT uygulama esnasinda ya da sonrasinda kas agrilari (10), dorsal vertebra kiriklari (11,12), el bilegi kirigi (12,13), santral asetabuler fraktur-dislokasyonu (12,14), omuz ve temporomandibuler eklem dislokasyonlari (12), kas veya ligament yirtiklari (12) gibi komplikasyonlar bildirilmistir.
It has been identified as a dorsal vertebra on the basis of the position of the parapophyses and diapophyses, both of which join to form the transverse processes and are born from the neural arch (Andrews, 1913; Young et al., 2013).