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 (dôr′sĭ-vĕn′trəl) or dor·so·ven·tral (-sō-)
1. Botany Flattened and having distinct upper and lower surfaces, as most leaves do.
2. Biology Extending from a dorsal to a ventral surface: dorsiventral muscles.

dor′si·ven′tral·ly adv.
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1. (Botany) (of leaves and similar flat parts) having distinct upper and lower faces
2. (Zoology) a variant spelling of dorsoventral
dorsiventrality n
ˌdorsiˈventrally adv
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(ˌdɔr səˈvɛn trəl)

1. Bot. having distinct dorsal and ventral sides, as most foliage leaves.
2. Zool. dorsoventral.
dor`si•ven•tral′i•ty, n.
dor`si•ven′tral•ly, adv.
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Diferenciacao: a ortotropia--resposta a gravidade em que o eixo vertical produz os seus ramos--se reconhece pelo desenvolvimento vertical e a orientacao das folhas em espiral ou oposta (eixo ortotropico--Figura 1A), e a plagiotropia--resposta a gravidade que os eixos horizontais ou obliquos produzem seus ramos se reconhece com simetria dorsiventral e em forma distica no extremo (eixo plagiotropico--Figura 1B).
tumensis are characterized by significant differences from each other, which differ mainly in the head form, snout shape and the diameter of eye and the height of the dorsiventral orientation and the location of the posterior end of the upper jaw.
With regard to organization of the leaf chlorenchyma, isobilateral, centric, or dorsiventral mesophyll has occasionally been reported in Lamiaceae family [16].
Las caracteristicas incluidas en cada modelo fueron detalles morfologicos identificados de manera descriptiva: la forma de ramificacion, su distribucion sobre el tronco, el desarrollo de las yemas axilares por silepsis (si no tienen letargo, crecimiento continuo) o por prolepsis (si hay letargo, crecimiento ritmico), la extension de los nuevos vastagos, la diferenciacion de ramas en ortotropicas (erectas y con simetria radial) o plagiotropicas (horizontales con simetria dorsiventral), la posicion de las flores en yemas laterales o terminales y la orientacion del dosel.
However, Asterophyllites charaeformis has small, reflexed, thread-like leaves that are preserved parallel to the axis, whereas Annularia asteris displays (equally small) leaves that are most commonly preserved in spread-out (dorsiventral) position (see Figs.
2700 species grouped in 80 genera) are supposedly around the 10% of total lichen species and they are characterized by having cupulate exciple, foliose, dorsiventral, and rhizinate lower surface, fruticose to subfruticose threadlike thallus, and a gray, yellow-green, and brown to olive-brown upper surface.
Ejes erectos laterales con simetria dorsiventral, aplanados, licofilos anisofilos dispuestos en cuatro hileras Diphasiastrum thyoides
O mesofilo do tamarindeiro e caracterizado como dorsiventral, apresentando, em geral, parenquima palicadico unisseriado, raramente com duas camadas de celulas (Figura 1 k-n).
Both leaf types were characterised by a typical dorsiventral structure which did not face disruptive structural alterations after irradiation of seeds with X-rays.