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 (dôr′sĭ-vĕn′trəl) or dor·so·ven·tral (-sō-)
1. Botany Flattened and having distinct upper and lower surfaces, as most leaves do.
2. Biology Extending from a dorsal to a ventral surface: dorsiventral muscles.

dor′si·ven′tral·ly adv.


1. (Botany) (of leaves and similar flat parts) having distinct upper and lower faces
2. (Zoology) a variant spelling of dorsoventral
dorsiventrality n
ˌdorsiˈventrally adv


(ˌdɔr səˈvɛn trəl)

1. Bot. having distinct dorsal and ventral sides, as most foliage leaves.
2. Zool. dorsoventral.
dor`si•ven•tral′i•ty, n.
dor`si•ven′tral•ly, adv.
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Rumohra further differs by dorsiventral rhizomes with an elongated ventral meristele (as seen in cross section), leaf axes glabrous adaxially, and peltate indusia (Kato 1974).
Anther differentiation commences with the primordia in the lower floral hemisphere first, as each primordium first becomes dorsiventral and then distally 2-lobed--the two lobes representing the incipient two thecae per anther (Fig.
Intra-leaf and intracellular gradients in chloroplast ultrastructure of dorsiventral leaves illuminated from the adaxial or abaxial side during their development.
Caracteres anatomicos adicionais, como estomatos anomociticos exclusivamente na face abaxial (Figura 3D), mesofilo dorsiventral (Figura 1A), feixes vasculares colaterais e presenca de drusas (Figuras 3A e B) corroboram as descricoes de Claus (1961) e Duarte e Menarim (2006) para a especie.
Mesophyll was dorsiventral, with only one layer of palisade parenchyma.
While there have been very few studies addressing the differences between field collected and culture-grown gametophytes, the work by Ranker and Houston (2002) and Skelton (2007) show that some differences are to be expected, especially with regard to the expression of sexual systems and the dorsiventral presence of archegonia and rhizoids.
In Berberis, leaf primordia shape in both leaf types is alike, suggesting that the early acquisition of abaxial-adaxial polarity and establishment of dorsiventral domains in spiny leaves in long shoots, and foliage leaves in short shoots, is controlled similarly.