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 (dôr′sĭ-vĕn′trəl) or dor·so·ven·tral (-sō-)
1. Botany Flattened and having distinct upper and lower surfaces, as most leaves do.
2. Biology Extending from a dorsal to a ventral surface: dorsiventral muscles.

dor′si·ven′tral·ly adv.
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1. (Botany) (of leaves and similar flat parts) having distinct upper and lower faces
2. (Zoology) a variant spelling of dorsoventral
dorsiventrality n
ˌdorsiˈventrally adv
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(ˌdɔr səˈvɛn trəl)

1. Bot. having distinct dorsal and ventral sides, as most foliage leaves.
2. Zool. dorsoventral.
dor`si•ven•tral′i•ty, n.
dor`si•ven′tral•ly, adv.
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Substitution of vegetative buds for flowers is the simplest version, and there can be additional modifications to the growth behavior of the inflorescence, such as horizontal growth and dorsiventrality. In the Alismataceae and Limnocharitaceae the derivation of stolonlike structures from inflorescences is obvious: vegetative features have been incorporated into structures that are recognizably inflorescences.