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Extending along or having to do with the axis that connects the dorsal and ventral sides.

dor′so·ven′tral·ly adv.
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Adv.1.dorsoventrally - in a dorsoventral direction; "the ray has a dorsoventrally flattened body"
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The visceral side of the bone is featureless and ornamented only by dorsoventrally directed striations formed during bone growth.
While retaining certain plesiomorphic characteristic, such as a dorsoventrally extensive, medially deep and posteriorly pocketed POF and deeply incised ectoflexid on the mandibular premolar teeth.
Generally, mericarps are prevented from dispersing by the lobes of the calyx, which can press together, either bilaterally or dorsoventrally, depending on the species.
The oral structure of third stage larvae consisted of a dorsoventrally elongate oral opening with broad, relatively flat pseudolabia emanating from the cuticular lining of the buccal cavity (stoma) (Fig.
The organization of the mesophyll was dorsoventrally heterogeneous, with palisade parenchyma consisting of juxtaposed columnar cells and stratified spongy parenchyma with irregular-shaped cells (Figure 2a, b, c).
The carapace is heavily armored, dorsoventrally flattened and relatively rough, composed of numerous small tubercles that offer favorable conditions as a biogenic surface for the settlement and growth of the oyster.
The scales of the Pacific sand lance, and those of all species of Ammodytes, are unusual with respect to other fishes in that they are fused into bands that run roughly dorsoventrally.
2a-2b), other differences that existed between these two morphotypes were the spiracle form and size, in eyeless individuals spiracle is rounded and slightly dorsoventrally depressed, whereas in the regular individuals spiracle is like a rectangle and relatively bigger than in eyeless morphotypes (Figs.
niveipes is the smallest of the genus Thomasomys (Table 1), The shaft is thinner dorsoventrally and slightly bowed to the dorsal side (Fig.