doss down

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Verb1.doss down - sleep in a convenient place; "You can crash here, though it's not very comfortable"
bed down, bunk down - go to bed; "We bedded down at midnight"
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"Then I'll stick in mine," said I impulsively, "and I'll come with you, and doss down in any corner for the night."
As part of their whistle-stop tour, the duo doss down in one of the city's hippest hotels, take a battery-powered boat tour, do some drawing and peer into the world of the water bear.
Others may have other issues and doss down on the streets in the warmest places they can find.
Add to that the growing number of beggars who doss down there every day and the increasing number of buskers and the ever-present chuggers what do you have?
Now handing ambulance contracts to private companies has driven hard-working paramedics to doss down in tents These are the first responders who can make the difference between life and death.
If (and it's still officially if at this stage) the Sky Blues decide to doss down at Walsall and if (contrary to what over 10,000* of you have told us) you sacrifice your principles and follow them to their temporary home from home, you'll spend an extra day in your car next season and bump up your petrol bill by over PS200.
With nothing to look forward to and no eligibility for benefits, he drank excessively, his family could not cope with him and he ended up having to "doss down with friends wherever he could".
But if she persists in doing it, you turf her out the bed and tell her and her excess wind to doss down on the couch.
Lord knows what the maintenance costs will be on the St James's Palace apartment where Bea will doss down after a tough night braying with her chums at Annabels.
Indeed, some MPs, mostly Labour but a few Conservatives as well, who could not afford the price of even a moderate London hotel, regularly used to doss down on the scarcely comfortable benches of the long Committee corridor or, if they were lucky, on the plush armchairs in the families' room.