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dot 1

a. A tiny round mark made by or as if by a pointed instrument; a spot.
b. Such a mark used in orthography, as above an i.
c. The basic unit of composition for an image produced by a device that prints text or graphics on paper: a resolution of 900 dots per inch.
2. A tiny amount.
3. In Morse and similar codes, the short sound or signal used in combination with the dash and silent intervals to represent letters, numbers, or punctuation.
4. Mathematics
a. A decimal point.
b. A symbol (·) indicating multiplication, as in 2 · 4 = 8.
5. Music A mark after a note indicating an increase in time value by half.
6. Computers A period, as used as in URLs and email addresses, to separate strings of words, as in
v. dot·ted, dot·ting, dots
1. To mark with a dot.
2. To form or make with dots.
3. To cover with or as if with dots: "Campfires, like red, peculiar blossoms, dotted the night" (Stephen Crane).
To make a dot.
dot (one's) i's
To be thorough or painstaking in attending to details.
on/at the dot
Exactly at the appointed time; punctual or punctually: arrived at nine o'clock on the dot.

[Middle English *dot, from Old English dott, head of a boil.]

dot′ter n.

dot 2

 (dŏt, dō)
A woman's marriage portion; a dowry.

[French, from Latin dōs, dōt-, dowry; see dō- in Indo-European roots.]

do′tal (dōt′l) adj.


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1. having dots, esp having a pattern of dots
2. (Music, other) music
a. (of a note) increased to one and a half times its original time value. See dot14
b. (of a musical rhythm) characterized by dotted notes. Compare double-dotted See also notes inégales
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Adj.1.dotted - having a pattern of dots
patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns)
2.dotted - having gaps or spaces; "sign on the dotted line"
broken - not continuous in space, time, or sequence or varying abruptly; "broken lines of defense"; "a broken cable transmission"; "broken sleep"; "tear off the stub above the broken line"; "a broken note"; "broken sobs"
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ذو نُقاطمُنَقَّط، مليء بالنُّقاط
deplóttur, doppótturpunkta-


[ˈdɒtɪd] adj
(= scattered) dotted with → parsemé(e) de
to be dotted with sth → être parsemé(e) de qch
to be dotted around sth [+ place, house] → être éparpillé(e) dans qch
(= spotted) [fabric] → à poisdotted line n
ligne f pointillée
to sign on the dotted line (lit)signer sur les pointillés, signer sur la ligne pointillée (fig)donner son consentement
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(dot) noun
a small, round mark. She marked the paper with a dot.
ˈdotted adjective
1. consisting of dots. a dotted line.
2. having dots. dotted material.
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References in classic literature ?
The little fan of diverging dotted lines of unequal lengths proceeding from (A), may represent its varying offspring.
"Beneath him extended a country generally destitute of cultivation; only here and there some ravines seemed under tillage; the surface, dotted with peaks of medium height, grew flat as it approached the lake; barley-fields took the place of rice-plantations, and there, too, could be seen growing the species of plantain from which the wine of the country is drawn, and mwani, the wild plant which supplies a substitute for coffee.
The swell had passed in the night, leaving a long, oily sea, dotted round the horizon with the sails of a dozen fishing-boats.