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The plug of tobacco ash left in the bowl of a pipe after it has been smoked.

[From dot, lump (obsolete).]


(ˈdɒtəl) or


the plug of tobacco left in a pipe after smoking
[C15: diminutive of dot lump; see dot1]


or dot•tel

(ˈdɒt l)

the plug of tobacco and ash left in a pipe after smoking.
[1815–25; dial. dot small lump]


- Any tobacco left in a pipe after smoking.
See also related terms for smoking.
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Noun1.dottle - the residue of partially burnt tobacco left caked in the bowl of a pipe after smoking
residue - matter that remains after something has been removed


nTabakrest m
References in classic literature ?
Sherlock Holmes was, as I expected, lounging about his sitting-room in his dressing-gown, reading the agony column of The Times and smoking his before-breakfast pipe, which was composed of all the plugs and dottles left from his smokes of the day before, all carefully dried and collected on the corner of the mantelpiece.
Jay Boice, Rachael Dottle & Nate Silver, (https://projects.
Douglas Elliman's Dottle Herman and Howard Lorber hosted a cocktail reception at The Skylark NYC for its top producing agents to celebrate their great achievements and continued success throughout 2013.
When Hutchinson died in 1970, Dottle moved back to the family home that she had inherited.
Jackson; re-recording mixer, Sham; visual effects supervisor, Dottle Starling; visual effects, Wildfire VFX; special makeup effects, Christien Tinsley; stunt coordinators, Wade Allen, Darrin Prescott; associate producer/ assistant director, Scott Robertson; casting, Francine Maisler.
A tiny little dottle of a woman, she had the heart of a lion.
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28 (480m): Shaw's Black, Steel Champ, Lil Diva, A Ken Dottle, Centaur Dazzler (W), Gia Maria (W).
He cautiously tamps down the dottle in his pipe with a horny thumb while he thinks about it, then replies: "This is the road to Pear Tree Cottage or this is not the road to Pear Tree Cottage.
While economists discombobulate, they've been sifting the dottle from the nation's tobacco manufacturers.
Since her mother's death, Mo has cared for her baby sister Dottle, a responsibility that regularly has her chasing the "wild child" through neighbors' yards and the Green Kingdom of the ravine on a regular basis.
He'd like to hit in seventy-five games straight and he'd like to lay down the seventy-five hits in front of the Yankee brass, in front of the fans, in front of Dottle, the way a cat lays down a mouse.