double bed

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dou′ble bed′

a bed large enough for two adults.
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Noun1.double bed - a bed wide enough to accommodate two sleepersdouble bed - a bed wide enough to accommodate two sleepers
bed - a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep; "he sat on the edge of the bed"; "the room had only a bed and chair"
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The house I thought very comfortable for two men who were `batching.' Besides the kitchen, there was a living-room, with a wide double bed built against the wall, properly made up with blue gingham sheets and pillows.
About night we landed at one of them little Missouri towns high up toward Iowa, and had supper at the tavern, and got a room upstairs with a cot and a double bed in it, but I dumped my bag under a deal table in the dark hall while we was moving along it to bed, single file, me last, and the landlord in the lead with a tallow candle.
I felt abashed and asked whether what he had been saying did not concern me; but he did not reply, gave me a kind look, and then we suddenly found ourselves in my bedroom where there is a double bed. He lay down on the edge of it and I burned with longing to caress him and lie down too.
DOUBLE BEDS Small beds may seem the best option for kids, but investing in a double bed from toddler age up makes good financial sense - where furniture can be designed around a double bed from the start.
Our family room had a large double bed and comfy sofa which converted into a second double bed - there was still plenty of room.
"The double bed, the en suite, the WiFi - all the things modern travellers like when they are having a hotel-style experience as they travel on the train.
Visit | |Quiet studio apartment Price: PS20 a night Description: "A modern studio apartment with a double bed and a double sofa bed, wifi and well-equipped kitchen within a 20-minute walk to the city centre and 25 minutes to the Motorpoint Arena, Principality Stadium and St David's Hall.
Their four-berth test-drive model has a red 'Pop Top' roof with a double bed, gloss black alloy wheels, a sports trim exterior and is finished in Shadow Black.
White Single Bed Sheet, White Double Bed Sheet, White Pillow Cover, White Bath Towel, Colour Single Bed Sheet, Colour Double Bed Sheet, Colour Pillow Cover, Colour Both Towel, Naokin, Silk Bed Sheet/Bed Spread (Dry Clean), Window Curtain Uo To 8 Ft.
There's plenty of privacy in each seat, thanks to the carbon-fibre composite shell surrounding it, but in the middle rows, the centre divider can be dropped to create a mile-high double bed, although without the privacy of a suite.
PS14 PS249 GREY CHESTERFIELD DOUBLE BED, GEORGE AT ASDA Hit refresh on your boudoir with this stunning grey Chesterfield double bed from George Home.