double bill

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double bill

a programme or event with two main items

dou′ble bill′



1. to bill (different accounts) for the same charge.
2. to present (a film) in a double feature.
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In addition to the double bills, there is also a full programme of events and workshops featuring a host of industry professionals.
On Wednesday (Feb 10) and Friday (Feb 12), a double bill of plays will be presented in the main theatre.
The other half of the double bill is a heart-achingly funny one-woman show by Jenny Lee - a current member of Live's online playwrighting course - about the inescapable role technology plays in our lives, called Heartbeats and Algorithms.
It has been double bills at the cinema for most of the wet January weekends.
You could also smoke, sit through double bills galore and an X-rated film was the ultimate taboo.
Excludes special events and double bills. Offer only available on Tuesdays.
The sporadic double bills used to feel like a treat.
The matches are going to throw ITV's schedules out and move Corrie all over the place - so quietly axe the Monday night double bill, only bringing it back now and then when the storyline warrants it.
And on the same double bill at Carrickmore, Dermot Carlin's Kilyclogher take on Damien McCaul's Donaghmore.