double dipper

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intr.v. dou·ble-dipped, dou·ble-dip·ping, dou·ble-dips
To draw income or funds from two different sources, as from a job and a pension, often in violation of the law.

double dipper n.
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Noun1.double dipper - someone who draws two incomes from the government (usually by combining a salary and a pension)
earner, wage earner - someone who earn wages in return for their labor
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Therefore, he would be a double dipper and receive a pension and salary and probably a second pension.
The Double Dipper comes with two Prosecco flavoured lollipops, which you can coat in the accompanying peach bellini gel before dipping, to make sure you get the job done properly.
In command from four out, the six-year-old had 20 lengths to spare over Double Dipper. Gibbs said: ''I finished third in the National Jockeys Championship last season behind Alex Edwards and Will Biddick with 27 winners and would love to do even better this time.'' RESULTS 11.30am, Members Race: 1, Irish Anthem (Miss I Robinson) 1/8 fav, Finished alone, 2 Ran.
However, the current study can be extended to examine the governance attributes and their relationships between double dipper earnings and tax levy data, or to review the length of post-retirement service and its association with academic performance and school district fiscal and academic outcomes.
Take the Chip and Double Dipper (a "very American" product, according to Karmel).
The double dipper takes two totes everywhere, with twice as much room to bring twice as much stuff.
The double dipper trade: US economic data starts seriously underperforming expectations (I say seriously because so far any lower than expected numbers haven't made much of a dent to sentiment).
The highest-paid double dipper, Framingham Superintendent Eugene Thayer, collected a total of $277,000, the paper reported, and five of the top 10 are in Central Massachusetts districts, including Auburn, Ayer, Blackstone-Millville Regional, Boylston and Shirley.