double jump

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dou′ble jump′

the capturing of two of an opponent's checkers in two uninterrupted jumps, constituting a single move by one piece.
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Howie motivated me to take one step at a time, first practicing my jumps in the pool, then on land, and finally completing a double jump on the ice.
His jump is a very fox-like pounce and a double jump is indicated by a puff of air.
You get an extra life with one, you can double jump with another - slight alterations that make very little difference.
The next couple of minutes then focus on how Joule can smoothly jump, double jump, jump dodge and even shoot while slowly descending from a jump while facing her opponents.
THE country's largest telecom operator Bharti Airtel reported the first increase in net profit in four years on Wednesday posting a double jump to ` 610 crore in the third quarter as against ` 284 crore in year- ago period.
In "Model Specification," we use the combination of Brownian motions and a double jump process to describe the dynamics of correlated mortality indexes of several countries.
Users have the help of superpowers, such as power dash, double jump and power jump, and power-ups that make ninja run faster and destroy everything in his way.
Similarly, even when the flights are in, woodcock are scattered and never covied; even a simultaneous double jump is very rare.
Below, centre) Happy new winner in his first show is Daniel Fielder on Rosie (Below, right) A butterfly in the fancy dress section (S) THELWELL LOOK-ALIKES: Smurf with rider Florence Whiteley proudly showing off their winners rosette after winning the 'Thelwell look-alike'' class with sister Holly (S) UP AND OVER: Competitor Fern Phillips successfully negotiates the double jump (S) GOLDEN OLDIE: Pictures (from left) Gina Whiteley on Amber, a competitor in the Pole Moor Riding Club's Golden Oldie competition.
He's back with all his moves such as spin attack - mapped to a shake of the Wiimote - and a double jump, while the series trademark breakable crates make a return.
JIMMY LINDLEY, who won the Gimcrack Stakes in his riding days on Double Jump in 1964, has no doubt that Art Advisor has what it takes to land the Group 2 race at York next Wednesday "if we get more rain", writes Geoff Lester.
Console-specific features such as joypad-activated special moves, double jump, power-ups, unlockable features and more keep gamers glued to their couches with knuckle-whitening tension.