double jump

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dou′ble jump′

the capturing of two of an opponent's checkers in two uninterrupted jumps, constituting a single move by one piece.
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Whether there will be a double jump in the price of meat will be clear in September.
The soldiers are trained in various types of climbing: One hang climbing, Double jump climbing, rappelling, abseiling and single row rappelling."
Speaking of traversing, the lay of the land is such that you can jump, double jump and then dash in the air which is good enough to cover a lot of ground.
However, those who have been on lower pay for longest will see a double jump by next March under the measures.
With global forecasts for the world's e-gaming industry reaching $115bn by the end of 2018, the Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (CIT) announced the selection of two winning teams during the 4th Run Double Jump, organised by the Information Technology Institute (ITI), to join the second round of the Ibdaa incubator as part of its ambitious strategy to support entrepreneurship and start-up companies and to drive innovation and creativity among Egyptian talent.
From the uppercut to dash, double jump and head bump along with the ability to fly a short distance, there is a nice mix of all the old moves with some new ones thrown into the mix.
Other than your magical seasonal ability, the controls are fairly straightforward; you can jump, double jump, and duck, as well as melee attack in each of these positions.
You get an extra life with one, you can double jump with another - slight alterations that make very little difference.
THE country's largest telecom operator Bharti Airtel reported the first increase in net profit in four years on Wednesday posting a double jump to ` 610 crore in the third quarter as against ` 284 crore in year- ago period.
In "Model Specification," we use the combination of Brownian motions and a double jump process to describe the dynamics of correlated mortality indexes of several countries.
Users have the help of superpowers, such as power dash, double jump and power jump, and power-ups that make ninja run faster and destroy everything in his way.
Similarly, even when the flights are in, woodcock are scattered and never covied; even a simultaneous double jump is very rare.