double quick

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Adv.1.double quick - at a faster speed; "now let's play the piece again double-quick"
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Bundle out of this, please, hand over hand, and double quick."
After this rencontre he began to walk double quick towards the place of his destination--and yet they were too soon
"Having taken the pirate captain prisoner, sailed slap over the schooner, whose decks were piled high with dead and whose lee scuppers ran blood, for the order had been `Cutlasses, and die hard!' `Bosun's mate, take a bight of the flying-jib sheet, and start this villain if he doesn't confess his sins double quick, ' said the British captain.
Webster did his duty in the approaching negotiations, and sent the English Lord home again in double quick time, they should, within two years, sing 'Yankee Doodle in Hyde Park, and Hail Columbia in the scarlet courts of Westminster!' I found it a pretty town, and had the satisfaction of beholding the outside of the office of the journal from which I have just quoted.
HIGGINS [determinedly] You're going to take her away, double quick. [He crosses to the hearth and rings the bell].
It is time for them to go, double quick. Brian Potter, by email
Anthony has been able to get rid of most of his opponents in double quick time because he has power and speed.
"I could get that nozzle in there," McPherson says as he sits in a conference room at the Indianola headquarters of Gresham Petroleum and Double Quick recalling a childhood spent pumping gas and servicing cars along with his cousins Tom and Walton Gresham III.
In every responsible country you are moved on in double quick time by usually police.
But her wacky look was thrown together double quick as she waited for a pie to heat.
His initial date on Friday, April 18 sold out in double quick time, and only a handful of tickets remain for his extra date on Monday.
I certainly wouldn't put it past the current government to introduce a two tier ambulance service where, at a price, you can be whisked away at double quick time for immediate treatment, passing the queues as you swipe your credit card.