double stitch

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Noun1.double stitch - a kind of crochet stitchdouble stitch - a kind of crochet stitch    
crochet stitch - any one of a number of stitches made by pulling a loop of yarn through another loop with a crochet needle
Verb1.double stitch - make by double stitching
handicraft - a craft that requires skillful hands
crochet - create by looping or crocheting; "crochet a bedspread"
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The vehicle features a new front bumper with spoiler, new side garnish moulding, LED rear combination lamp, new rear bumper cover, 18-inch two-tone black alloy wheels and rear chrome garnish and interiors with black leather seat with double stitch, roof-mounted LCD monitor, leather-trimmed steering wheel, Audio 2-DIN DVD + Touchscreen monitor which has CD+MP3+Smartphone support, and Black carbon panels.
Double stitch and lock piping provide extra protection against bugs.
You can add strength to your seam with a double stitch, or--for the more sewing-savvy--a backstitch or zigzag stitch.
Originally the towels found in spas featured a tighter weave and a double stitch rather than a single stitch to endure numerous washings, said Elias Thiesen, export manager for Terrisol.