double stop

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tr.v. dou·ble-stopped, dou·ble-stop·ping, dou·ble-stops
To produce two tones simultaneously on (a stringed instrument) by stopping two strings with one hand while bowing them with the other.
n. also double stop
1. The two tones so produced.
2. The notes indicating these tones.

dou′ble stop′

two or more notes bowed simultaneously on a stringed instrument, as the violin.


v. -stopped, -stop•ping. v.i.
1. to play a double stop.
2. to play a double stop on (a stringed instrument).
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the scheme will consist of a major upgrade of the layout of the dover road / liverpool road south / a59 junction, comprising of a new double stop line arrangement along the a59, the re-alignment of both dover road and liverpool road south arms and the widening on the northbound approach to the dover road junction, to accommodate an extended right turn lane to dover road.
Russell was twice off target with halfchances before teeing up Stuart Armstrong in the 20th minute but Ella Benedettini produced an impressive double stop.
Berline's Double Stop Fiddle Shop & Music Hall, home to Oklahoma's largest collection of violins and bows, was destroyed in a fire in downtown Guthrie on Feb.
Chorley continued to press and Hall rescued Harriers with a stunning double stop from the Scott Leather header that followed Andy Teague's cross and then the follow-up just before the break.
I saw one of them pick a concrete block and attempt to smash it into the ground, and I kept screaming and said Double stop your men, this is wrong.
And the Swans had Mulder to thank in the 78th minute as he made a fine double stop, denying Sean Maguire and then Alan Browne in quick succession.
RANGERS ALLAN MCGREGOR 7 Terrific one-on-one block from Mudrazija and denied Henty and Bockaj with a stunning double stop. Three crucial interventions and no chance with Osijek goal.
On-loan goalkeeper Martin Dubravka made a string of excellent saves during the first half, including a double stop from a Troy Deeney penalty and rebound.
7 LOOKMAN (for Ramirez) Denied a goal with his first touch, and second, by a Jason Steele double stop 6 LENNON (for Vlasic) One penetrating dash.
The impressive Danny Mullen forced a smart stop from Killie keeper Jamie MacDonald on the half-hour mark then it was the turn of Livingston goalie Alexander to impress as he produced a brilliant double stop to deny first Adam Frizzell and then Kris Boyd.
TNS were relentless at the start of the second period and it needed a great double stop from Dave Roberts to deny Wilde and Kai Edwards.
Stockdale also produced a double stop from Mohamed Diame's long-range shot and Abel Hernandez's follow-up effort but after that Brighton eased to victory with their third 1-0 home win of the season.