double time

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double time

1. A marching pace of 180 three-foot steps per minute.
2. A rate of pay, as for overtime work, that is twice the regular rate.

dou′ble-time v.
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double time

1. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) a doubled wage rate, paid for working on public holidays, etc
2. (Music, other) music
a. a time twice as fast as an earlier section
b. two beats per bar
3. a slow running pace, keeping in step
4. (Military) army US a fast march of 180 paces to the minute
to move or cause to move in double time
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dou′ble time`

1. a marching cadence of l80 paces per minute.
2. a rate of overtime pay twice the regular wage rate.


v.i. -timed, -tim•ing.
to move in double time.
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Noun1.double time - a fast marching pace (180 steps/min) or slow jog
gait, pace - the rate of moving (especially walking or running)
2.double time - a doubled wage (for working overtime)
pay, remuneration, salary, wage, earnings - something that remunerates; "wages were paid by check"; "he wasted his pay on drink"; "they saved a quarter of all their earnings"
Adv.1.double time - at a faster speed; "now let's play the piece again double-quick"
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"Regardless of the numbers, we assure everyone that the administration is working double time to ensure prices of basic goods become stable as we cushion the impact of higher inflation," he said in a statement.
All work done by an employee during their ordinary shifts on a public holiday including a substituted day is paid at double time of the ordinary rate of pay.
"However, due to a misinterpretation of the contract of employment for support staff in some areas of the university, some staff working on bank holidays and university closed days have been paid at the double time (overtime) rate instead, plus time off in lieu.
The operator said it had been paying its drivers double time to work Sundays, but it was "unsustainable" to continue with the arrangement.
Alma Thomas was bred by Italian breeders, but her roots are British as a daughter of Double Time, who was purchased out of the Royal Studs by Bozzi Bloodstock for 19,000gns in 2002.
There is a jihad against the Jews, and the clock is ticking in double time. And if you are Jewish, no one will let you forget it, as hard as you may try.
But I'm earning money in my return to television in the drama Double Time.
Double time for a Sunday would be bad enough, but for a Bank Holiday, it beggars belief.
The sample included students with learning disabilities and/or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) who tested with extended time (time and a half or double time) and students without disabilities who tested under standard-time conditions.
Of course, following the law, we pay the Saturday workers double time.
Try this at different tempos to the beat of the music--half time, in time, double time, triplets--accelerating to a steady vibration, at which point it can no longer be counted.
Tom Waterson, Unison branch chairman, said: 'There is a two tier system in operation as NHS ancillary staff at the Royal Infirmary have been paid out at the double time and time-anda-half rate.