double vision

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double vision

A disorder of vision in which a single object appears double. Also called diplopia.
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(dɪˈploʊ pi ə)

a pathological condition of vision in which a single object appears double. Also called double vision.
[1805–15; (dipl (o)- + -opia)]
di•plop′ic (-ˈplɒp ɪk, -ˈploʊ pɪk) adj.
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Noun1.double vision - visual impairment in which an object is seen as two objects; "diplopia often disappears when one eye is covered"
vision defect, visual defect, visual disorder, visual impairment - impairment of the sense of sight
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Is it normal to have double vision in the mornings?
"He had double vision and things like that so we will just have to keep an eye on that one to see how he fairs.
A 4-2 win over The Dons maintained their unbeaten record, and with four games in hand on Armagh Blues who lost 3-2 to the third-placed side Ballyvea, Annalong manager Alan Henning (above) could be forgiven for having double vision.
class="MsoNormalHe also mentioned that the condition affects people differently and is associated with symptoms such as droopy eyelids, slurred speech, double vision, hoarse voice, difficulties when chewing, difficulty in breathing and unsteady movements when walking.
Before that he was out of the ring for nearly a year after undergoing eye surgery to correct double vision - a consequence of his participation in boxing.
He further said that symptoms may only become noticeable once the disease advances, but the typical symptoms of retinopathy to look out for include sudden changes in vision, Double vision and eye pain.
He can't move his arms or his legs and still has double vision.
Published in association with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, "3D: Double Vision" by Britt Salvesen (Curator and Head of the Wallis Annenberg Photography Department and the Prints and Drawings Department at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art) follows the advancement of 3D photography over the decades, showing how the practice has evolved and, ironically, returned to its most basic form of expression.
AS DOUBLE Vision accelerates towards its high camp conclusion, the audience is assaulted with sensations - not just sights and sounds but also smells, and the touch of ticker tape fluttering from the ceiling.
THEATRE Double Vision Co-produced by Wales Millennium Centre and Gagglebabble as part of Festival of Voice.
Diplopia, or double vision, when looking with one eye can be another symptom of cataracts.
A study from the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Centers reveals just how common double vision, called diplopia, is in the United States.