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1. Having two barrels mounted side by side: a double-barreled shotgun.
2. Having two purposes or parts; twofold: a double-barreled poll question.
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1. (esp. of a shotgun) having two barrels mounted side by side.
2. serving a double purpose or having two aspects.
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Adj.1.double-barreled - having two barrels mounted side by side; "a double-barreled shotgun"
single-barreled, single-barrelled - having one barrel; "most guns are single-barreled"
2.double-barreled - having two purposes; twofold; "our double-barreled desire to make things profitable as well as attractive"- Louis Kronenbergers
ambiguous - having more than one possible meaning; "ambiguous words"; "frustrated by ambiguous instructions, the parents were unable to assemble the toy"
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I proposed rifles; then double-barreled shotguns; then Colt's navy revolvers.
I always had a desire to have a mute in my service, so learning the day his tongue was cut out, I went to the bey, and proposed to give him for Ali a splendid double-barreled gun which I knew he was very desirous of having.
All of this is why some purists even suggest double-barreled shotguns "need" two triggers, and a few even like outside hammers.
According to the PPRO, 'the armed robber, who pretended to be a passenger, boarded the motorcycle, but suddenly brought out a locally-made double-barreled pistol and asked the rider, Toyin Ayoade, to surrender his bike.
A: Sounds like you have a variation of the break-open, double-barreled pistol, many of which were made in Spain in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Police found 12-bore and 13-bore double-barreled shotguns, 9mm bullets, shotgun cartridges and gun-cleaning equipment when they raided a flat in Elmswood Court after a tip-off from its landlord, Lisa Parry.
A TEENAGER has admitted possessing a double-barreled shotgun while awaiting sentence for killing his best friend in a high-speed horror smash.