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Adj.1.double-bass - pitched an octave below normal bass instrumental or vocal range; "contrabass or double-bass clarinet"
low-pitched, low - used of sounds and voices; low in pitch or frequency
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But the little chap seized him at once by the nose; gave it a swing and a pull; clapped the big chapeau de-bras upon his head; knocked it down over his eyes and mouth; and then, lifting up the big fiddle, beat him with it so long and so soundly, that what with the belfry-man being so fat, and the fiddle being so hollow, you would have sworn that there was a regiment of double-bass drummers all beating the devil's tattoo up in the belfry of the steeple of Vondervotteimittiss.
It increased my sufferings greatly to see the pats she gave him for punishment on the bridge of his blunt nose, while he winked his eyes, and licked her hand, and still growled within himself like a little double-bass. At length he was quiet - well he might be with her dimpled chin upon his head!
Indeed, except in respect of staring about him (a branch of the public service to which the pictorial cherub is much addicted), this domestic cherub discharged as many odd functions as his prototype; with the difference, say, that he performed with a blacking-brush on the family's boots, instead of performing on enormous wind instruments and double-basses, and that he conducted himself with cheerful alacrity to much useful purpose, instead of foreshortening himself in the air with the vaguest intentions.
Paul smirked it was a good job it wasn't a double-bass, but he soon realised it was no laughing matter.
Andrew Herrington, double-bass player with Awkward Family Portraits, who are signed to indie label Holy Smokes Records, is studying for a BA in applied music and spends a few weeks every year in Lewis.
Fussenegger will take on the part of the double-bass. The musician has been performing -- both as a soloist and an ensemble player -- at the most important festivals all over the world for more than 25 years.
Berlin Philharmonic String Quintet: Thomas Timm, Romano Tommasini (violin), Wolfgang Talirz (viola), Tatjana Vassilieva (cello), Nabil Shehata (double-bass).
He made his recording debut with the Barry Harris Trio in 1996 on the album Backyard, and entered the studio with the pianist once again in 2001 for his album, Anna's Dance, convening a combo of elders which also included Charles Davis on saxophone, Walter Booker on double-bass and Leroy Williams on drums.
All is going well for our upcoming Fete de la Musique concert at the Sofitel on June 21 but we have hit one small hitch -- and that is we have a double-bass player willing and able to play with us but he has no instrument.
A world-renowned double-bass player has been arrested as part of an investigation into historical sexual abuse at music schools in Manchester.