double-bitted ax

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Noun1.double-bitted ax - an ax that has cutting edges on both sides of the headdouble-bitted ax - an ax that has cutting edges on both sides of the head
ax, axe - an edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle
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A number of free seminars will be held, including ones by headliners Jim Crowley of Hook & Hunt TV, and Canadian hunting and fishing expert Norm "The Great" McCreight, who AaAeAeAu among other topics AaAeAeAu will dis how to fillet a Canadian walleye with a double-bitted ax.
If you have images of Paul Bunyan employing his double-bitted ax for everything from felling trees to limbing them to bucking and splitting, it's time to rethink.
So I am still planting garden seeds with a jackhammer and chopping out weeds with a double-bitted ax. A hoe, as I might have indicated, is about as practical as a fire extinguisher in an igloo.