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double blind

A testing procedure designed to avoid biased results by ensuring that at the time of the test neither the administrators nor the subjects know which subjects are receiving a test treatment and which belong to a control group.

dou′ble-blind′ adj.
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of or relating to an experiment to discover reactions to certain commodities, drugs, etc, in which neither the experimenters nor the subjects know the particulars of the test items during the experiments. Compare single-blind
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of or pertaining to an experiment or clinical trial in which neither the researchers nor the subjects know which subjects are receiving the active treatment, etc., so as to eliminate bias.
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In a double-blind trial, 252 postmenopausal women (mean age, 64 years) with at least 3 self-reported symptomatic urinary tract infections (UTIs) in the previous year were randomly assigned to receive antibiotic prophylaxis (480 mg of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole once a day) or oral capsules containing [10.sup.9] colony-forming units of L.
Through randomization, 77 received sertraline and 84 received placebo in a double-blind fashion; the previous treatments also were double blinded (Arch.
In a recent report from the Nurses Health Study, doctors at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial among nearly 40,000 women 45 years old or older.
A year-long, double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial conducted in Germany compared the efficacy and safety of Vertigoheel to those of betahistine.
Now 3 offices of the National Institutes of Health are sponsoring a 3-year, double-blind study of St.
The team has already launched a larger study, comparing mifepristone to a placebo pill in a double-blind, randomized trial of 200 people with meningioma.
The Violet Study is a global, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled pivotal Phase 3 clinical study evaluating ganaxolone in children with PCDH19-RE.
The company said it intends to launch a randomised, double-blind Phase 3 clinical study of TNX-102 SL, 5.6 mg, in military-related PTSD in the Q1 2017 and to commence a randomized, double-blind Phase 3 clinical study of TNX-102 SL in predominantly civilian PTSD later in 2017.
Three hundred sixty obese individuals (mean age, 41 years; mean body mass index, 33.2 kg/[m.sub.2]) were randomly assigned to receive, in double-blind fashion, alpha-lipoic acid (ALA; 1200 or 1800 mg per day) or placebo for 20 weeks.
In a retrospective analysis of 10 double-blind, placebo-controlled trials including 3,019 men who completed treatment with 5-200 mg of sildenafil or placebo once daily for 12-26 weeks, 65 patients who also were taking serotonergic antidepressants scored an average of 3.27 on their ability to achieve an erection, according to the International Index of Erectile Function.
In a double-blind study, 519 runners were randomized to receive either arnica or a placebo during the five days immediately following a long run.
12 MS centers are looking for participants for a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of a new treatment for acute relapses (or attacks) of MS.