double-breasted suit

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Noun1.double-breasted suit - a suit with a double-breasted jacketdouble-breasted suit - a suit with a double-breasted jacket
double-breasted jacket - a jacket having fronts that overlap enough for two separate rows of buttons
suit, suit of clothes - a set of garments (usually including a jacket and trousers or skirt) for outerwear all of the same fabric and color; "they buried him in his best suit"
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At that point, President Ramos arrived, cigar-in-hand, spit and polish, with brass buttons on his double-breasted suit.
The pair were joined by the man in their lives - Willow's father and Pink's husband Carey Hart, 42, in an equally smart double-breasted suit.
The well-structured double-breasted suit is elegant and classic.
I went up and found a 1940s double-breasted suit with a blue little pinstripe.
A few images, though, are ringers--the Lone Ranger incongruously wearing a double-breasted suit, for example, and posing with someone I'm pretty sure is J.
The three-time premier, dressed in his usual double-breasted suit and seated before the Italian and EU flags, swung between anger and emotion, at times his voice breaking.
Double-breasted suit and vest, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA.
Fazer, who previously dated bandmate Tulisa, looks razor sharp in a double-breasted suit, contrast collar shirt and pocket square, along with some sexy tortoiseshell specs.
WHEN Keanu Reeves was just a kid in New Jersey he saw a ghost in the form of a white double-breasted suit come into his room one night.
The 63-year-old Royal's double-breasted suit and smart shoes were no hindrance to his athletic prowess as he leapt into the air and sent the ball flying.