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(dŭb′əl-krôs′, -krŏs′)
tr.v. dou·ble-crossed, dou·ble-cross·ing, dou·ble-cross·es
To betray by acting in contradiction to a prior agreement. See Synonyms at deceive.
1. often double cross An act of betraying an ally, friend, or associate.
2. double cross Genetics A cross in which each parent is the product of a single cross. It can be represented as AB × CD, where A, B, C, and D are inbred lines.

dou′ble-cross′er n.


(tr) to cheat or betray
the act or an instance of double-crossing; betrayal
ˈdouble-ˈcrosser n

dou′ble cross′

1. a betrayal or swindle of a friend or colleague.
2. the act of winning or attempting to win a contest that one has agreed to lose.
3. a genetic cross in which both parents are first-generation hybrids from single crosses.


to betray or swindle, esp. by an action contrary to an agreed upon course.
dou′ble-cross′er, n.


Past participle: double-crossed
Gerund: double-crossing

I double-cross
you double-cross
he/she/it double-crosses
we double-cross
you double-cross
they double-cross
I double-crossed
you double-crossed
he/she/it double-crossed
we double-crossed
you double-crossed
they double-crossed
Present Continuous
I am double-crossing
you are double-crossing
he/she/it is double-crossing
we are double-crossing
you are double-crossing
they are double-crossing
Present Perfect
I have double-crossed
you have double-crossed
he/she/it has double-crossed
we have double-crossed
you have double-crossed
they have double-crossed
Past Continuous
I was double-crossing
you were double-crossing
he/she/it was double-crossing
we were double-crossing
you were double-crossing
they were double-crossing
Past Perfect
I had double-crossed
you had double-crossed
he/she/it had double-crossed
we had double-crossed
you had double-crossed
they had double-crossed
I will double-cross
you will double-cross
he/she/it will double-cross
we will double-cross
you will double-cross
they will double-cross
Future Perfect
I will have double-crossed
you will have double-crossed
he/she/it will have double-crossed
we will have double-crossed
you will have double-crossed
they will have double-crossed
Future Continuous
I will be double-crossing
you will be double-crossing
he/she/it will be double-crossing
we will be double-crossing
you will be double-crossing
they will be double-crossing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been double-crossing
you have been double-crossing
he/she/it has been double-crossing
we have been double-crossing
you have been double-crossing
they have been double-crossing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been double-crossing
you will have been double-crossing
he/she/it will have been double-crossing
we will have been double-crossing
you will have been double-crossing
they will have been double-crossing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been double-crossing
you had been double-crossing
he/she/it had been double-crossing
we had been double-crossing
you had been double-crossing
they had been double-crossing
I would double-cross
you would double-cross
he/she/it would double-cross
we would double-cross
you would double-cross
they would double-cross
Past Conditional
I would have double-crossed
you would have double-crossed
he/she/it would have double-crossed
we would have double-crossed
you would have double-crossed
they would have double-crossed
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verb betray, trick, cheat, sting (informal), mislead, two-time (informal), defraud, swindle, hoodwink, sell down the river (informal), cozen They were frightened of being double-crossed.


1. To be treacherous to:
Slang: rat (on), sell out.
Idiom: sell down the river .
2. To cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation:
Informal: bamboozle, have.
Slang: four-flush.


A. Nengaño m, trampa f, traición f
B. VTtraicionar, engañar


[ˌdʌblˈkrɒs] vt (fam) → fare il doppio gioco con


(ˈdabl) adjective
1. of twice the (usual) weight, size etc. A double whisky, please.
2. two of a sort together or occurring in pairs. double doors.
3. consisting of two parts or layers. a double thickness of paper; a double meaning.
4. for two people. a double bed.
1. twice. I gave her double the usual quantity.
2. in two. The coat had been folded double.
1. a double quantity. Whatever the women earn, the men earn double.
2. someone who is exactly like another. He is my father's double.
1. to (cause to) become twice as large or numerous. He doubled his income in three years; Road accidents have doubled since 1960.
2. to have two jobs or uses. This sofa doubles as a bed.
ˈdoubles noun singular
or noun plural in tennis etc, a kind of match with two players on each side. I enjoy playing doubles; (also adjective) a doubles match.
double agent
a spy paid by each of two countries hostile to each other.
double bass (beis)
a type of large stringed instrument, the largest and deepest in sound of the violin family.
ˌdouble-ˈbedded adjective
containing a double bed. a double-bedded room.
double-ˈcheck verb
to check something again. double-check the results of the experiment.
ˌdouble-ˈcross verb
to betray (someone for whom one has already arranged to do something deceitful).
ˌdouble-ˈdealing noun
cheating and deceitfulness.
cheating. You double-dealing liar!
ˌdouble-ˈdecker noun
a bus etc having two decks or levels.
a double-decker bus.
ˌdouble-ˈDutch noun
nonsense. You're talking double-Dutch!
double figures
the numbers between 10 and 99. The number of times you have been late is well into double figures.
ˌdouble-ˈquick adjective, adverb
very quick(ly). Get here double-quick / in double-quick time!
at the double
very quickly. He came up the road at the double and rushed into the house.
double back
to turn and go back the way one came. The fox doubled back and went down a hole.
double up
1. to (cause to) bend or collapse suddenly at the waist. We (were) doubled up with laughter; He received a blow in the stomach which doubled him up.
2. to join up in pairs. There weren't enough desks, so some pupils had to double up.
see double
to see two images of everything instead of only one. When I first met the twins, I thought I was seeing double, they were so alike.
References in classic literature ?
just as he had heard it in the telephone receiver, sounded in his ears the words, "On my honor as a gentleman." They were sneak-thieves and swindlers, that was what they were, and they had given him the double-cross. The newspapers were right.
Them trees just stand up natural an' strong an' clean like young boys their first time in the ring before they've learned its rottenness an' how to double-cross an' lay down to the bettin' odds an' the fightfans.
Bersaluna said they were looking into a case of 'double-cross' or conflict among drug dealers.
EASTENDERS BBC1, 8pm SO, WE had Kat doublecrossing the love of her life Alfie (who'd previously been supposed dead, and left lying on the floor) and then Mel (who'd previously been supposed dead, and left lying on the floor) making it up the aisle to double-cross the bigamist love of her life.
Probers are looking into a double-cross between drug dealers as the motive for the killing.
Pakistan started to double-cross the US from the very start by siding with it instead of the neighbouring Soviet Union in providing it a base to fly its spy U-2 against the Russians and earning their wrath which culminated in Soviet support to India for severing Pakistan's Eastern Wing.
By the time he renounces the prank war, he has survived suspension, arrest, and a major double-cross, but he is sure about his own values.
safe Bright, the double-cross the trench coat & the diner I am the
Focusing on Moss' time as a World War II agent in Crete, Macedonia, and the Siamese jungle, A War of Shadows tells of intrigue, ambushes, double-cross betrayals, and crucial covert missions.
I did feel bad that I had kind of double-crossed the BBC Today programme, but rather that than double-cross my own party.