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 (dŭb′əl-än-tän′drə, do͞o-bläN-täN′drə)
1. A word or phrase having a double meaning, especially when the second meaning is risqué.
2. The use of such a word or phrase; ambiguity.

[Obsolete French : double, double + entendre, to mean, interpretation.]
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An expression or term liable to more than one interpretation:
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It was double-entendre heaven from the minute the narrator promised that the Queen would be revealing "her intimate knowledge of the crown jewels".
Yet the double-entendre of the gesture might have contributed to its popularity "for a simple twist of hand would have presented the dorsal side in a mocking snub to the common enemy".
It is small, but I'm hoping for a good rise on it - Rav Bansal, a competitor in The Great British Bake Off with a double-entendre on his breadmaking ability.
This will require military warfare, but also cyberwarfare, financial warfare and ideological warfare" Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the White House, on formulating a plan to defeat IS "It is small, but I'm hoping for a good rise on it" Rav Bansal, a competitor in The Great British Bake Off with a double-entendre on his breadmaking ability "The winner was the one I thought closest to mine - still a million miles away" Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood boasts about his skills in making a dampfnudel, a German steamed dumpling, one of the challenges set for contestants "I was brought up with the Victorian belief that ladies didn't handle money" Former fashion editor Shirley Conran, above "Piped music, canned music, muzak, lift music, airport music - call it what you will.
To be a double-entendre, the actual words in the mark pregnancy text should have an alternate meaning and, as noted above, that meaning must be readily apparent to purchasers from the mark itself.
In its ruling, the ASA stated: "We considered that consumers would understand the claim "TasteThe-Bush", particularly when accompanied with an image of a woman standing behind a wine glass, which emphasised her crotch, to be a double-entendre.
With its innuendo-laden comedy, a penchant for slapstick and a delight in double-entendre - who can forget talk of Mrs Slocombe's pussy?
During a recent promotional event, on being questioned about the moral bankruptcy plaguing Bollywood with its titillating songs and double-entendre dialogues, the National-Award winning actress said that she doesn't like one dimensional characters and looking pretty in movies, Gulf News reported.
From its double-entendre chapter headings ("Not Tonight, Dear") to its chatty text, the book maintains a breezy, conversational tone that reflects the authors' camaraderie and years of experience.
Continuing the double-entendre theme, foot-in-mouth judge Louie Thpenth lithps: "I want Rothemary to let rip
Eubulus's rump riddle is therefore a good example of this, even if its last clue ("if one wound it, it is unwounded") reveals a partial use of double-entendre technique as in subtype 1.
THE long-running Carry On film series contained a high double-entendre count.