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or dou′ble•talk`,

1. speech using nonsense syllables along with words in a rapid patter.
2. deliberately evasive or ambiguous language.
3. to engage in double-talk.
4. to accomplish or persuade by double-talk.
[1935–40, Amer.]
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As this developed, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said President Duterte has had enough of the communist movement's penchant for double-talk and continued acts of atrocities against the Filipino people.
VQuad[TM] Dual UTA HD's Double-Talk confirmation is supported for both 2-wire and 4-wire analog.
The complaint said: "When challenged about this false accounting, it made a double-talk excuse, then prepared an actual profit participation statement for the same reporting period, and sent a check for $2,820,000 because the Film had in fact recouped its deficit.
While President Duterte is unpretentious, flat-out direct and vocal about his intentions and ways in addressing the drug problem, alack, double-talk seems to be the order of the day for his cherubs and seraphs.
Second, the regime has shown it is a master of double-talk, assuming that the Syrian people, the international community and neighboring states are window frames that don't hear, read or think.
HD AEC is a complex algorithm which includes noise reduction (NR), as well as anti-howling, adaptive filtering, nonlinear processing, microphone selection, gain and microphone equalization and double-talk detection.
So far, we are the only party ready for such an eventuality while others engage in double-talk for the belated summoning of the electoral supervisory commission by 24 hours is regarded by the LF as unconstitutional," he said.
He also accused the opposition of double-talk and responding to the royal initiative to resume talks with more incitement, defamation and fallacies.
THE spurious government double-talk about Britain''s deplorable boozing record - coming at a time when binge drinking soars in the run-up to Christmas - is as sinister as the parallel deceit over the need to sell weapons to despicable regimes.
Speaking in an interview on Israel's Channel 10 News, de Genova also said Obama is hostile toward Israel and charged the president of being a master in double-talk.
Then there is many Western governments' highly selective embrace of democracy when it results in the election of those (like Hamas) whom they find unacceptable; the unwillingness of almost every nuclear-weapons state to match its disarmament rhetoric with credible action; and the almost universal double-talk on climate change.