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tr.v. dou·ble-teamed, dou·ble-team·ing, dou·ble-teams Sports
To guard or cover (an offensive player) with two defensive players simultaneously.

double team n.


to defend against or block (an opposing player) by using two players, as in football.


Defensive maneuver in which two players converge on the player with the ball, hoping to force the player into an error.
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Verb1.double-team - cover with two defensive players
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
cover - protect or defend (a position in a game); "he covered left field"
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"Old man," said the young one, "I reckon we might double-team it together; what do you think?"
You see a lot of embarrassing things when you study pictures and statistics: the way our old-timers shot with two hands, made their moves, and rarely helped out with switches, and double-teams.
Slanting low also allows the linemen to avoid taking on the base blocks and double-teams. It confuses the offensive line and prevents them from knowing what gap we are attacking and for what players they are responsible.
Note: We try to have one of the linemen from each of these double-teams release to the second level and block a linebacker.