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A crossbar on a wagon or carriage to which two whiffletrees are attached for harnessing two animals abreast.


(General Engineering) a horizontal pivoted bar on a vehicle to the ends of which swingletrees are attached for harnessing two horses side by side


A two-horse Evener. It was three to four feet long, had a cross section of about two inches by four inches and usually was made of oak. In use, it had a Singletree attached to each end.
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Noun1.doubletree - a crossbar on a wagon or carriage to which two whiffletrees are attached in order to harness two horses abreast
crossbar - a horizontal bar that goes across something
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Promus will convert approximately 10 company-owned hotels, currently branded as Doubletrees, to the Red Lion brand.
Promus acquired the brand in its merger with Doubletree Hotels in 1997.
Promus has targeted 10 to 15 Doubletree properties for conversion to the Red Lion brand by this fall.
As part of the conversion process the reflagged Doubletree hotels will undergo an approximate $5 million renovation program to meet new standards and are expected to open under the Red Lion flag by late September.
His experience includes Hyatt Hotels, Ritz Carlton, Marriott and Doubletrees in Dallas and Houston.
7, 1998--The Doubletree Hotel at Allen Center, Houston has a new Food and Beverage Team.
Chef Kusick has 25 years of experience -- 16 of which are with Doubletree Hotels and Guest Suites.
Sous Chef, Leo Wornowitcz, with 13 years experience began his career with Doubletree Intercontinental Airport as Executive Chef, worked at the Doubletree Post Oak as Sous Chef and has joined the Doubletree Hotel at Allen Center as Executive Sous Chef.
Four properties, located in San Antonio, San Diego's Mission Valley, Salt Lake City and Sonoma County in northern California, are the first of between 40 and 45 hotels to be converted to Doubletrees by year-end.
Converting the former Red Lions to Doubletrees will benefit our Guests because of Doubletree's national distribution and greater financial strength," Kelleher said.
Kelleher, Doubletree president and chief executive officer.