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adj. dough·i·er, dough·i·est
Having the consistency or appearance of dough.

dough′i·ness n.


the quality or characteristic of being like dough
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I don't know why but it's hard to miss the beer gut that pokes out from under his jersey, the general doughiness of his frame, which all the lifting he does can't hide, proof that it's matter over mind, mug fleshy and round and so often contorted by a frown.
Perhaps that's because Naseeb boasts a traditional pizza oven, forming a stonebaked crust with just the right balance of doughiness and crunch.
As she savours the rich doughiness of the bread with the cool slippery butter and the hot salt of the bacon, Eileen thinks it must be awful being Jewish and having to come from Russia and then having Hitler kill all your friends.