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adj. dough·ti·er, dough·ti·est
Marked by stouthearted courage; brave.

[Middle English, from Old English dohtig; see dheugh- in Indo-European roots.]

dough′ti·ly adv.
dough′ti·ness n.
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Synonyms: bravery, braveness, courage, courageousness, valor, valiance, intrepidity, intrepidness, boldness, daring, audacity, audaciousness, fearlessness, doughtiness, dauntlessness, pluck, indomitability, stout-heartedness, lionheartedness, backbone, spine, spirit, fortitude, mettle, gallantry, chivalry.
In that sense the ideas of those women who have pursued the path of existential philosophy, ideas that they often put softly and tentatively despite their remarkable personal doughtiness, are worth listening to more carefully.
Its older English meaning was strongly assimilated to "fortitude" (or to be more Anglo-Saxon, "doughtiness").