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douse 1

also dowse  (dous)
tr.v. doused, dous·ing, dous·es also dowsed or dows·ing or dows·es
1. To wet thoroughly; drench.
2. To put out (a light or fire); extinguish: doused the campfire with a bucket of water.
A thorough drenching.

[From obsolete douse, to strike.]

dous′er n.

douse 2

Variant of dowse1.

dowse 1

also douse  (douz)
intr.v. dowsed, dows·ing, dows·es also doused or dous·ing or dous·es
To use a divining rod to search for underground water or minerals.

[Origin unknown.]

dowse 2

v. & n.
Variant of douse1.
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Noun1.dousing - the act of wetting something by submerging itdousing - the act of wetting something by submerging it
wetting - the act of making something wet
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My yead isn't a turnip, an' I shall p'r'aps have a chance o' dousing another fire afore long.
Srishti Nath Sharma, fire officer: "Soon after receiving information at 9:35 am, we reached the spot with 10 fire brigades and started dousing off the fire.
Khushab -- A man set his wife on fire after dousing her with petrol in the name of honour in Quaid Abad area of Hyderabad.
Faizi said call about the fire eruption was received early Monday morning and the rescue workers rushed to the spot.After hectic efforts of 40 minutes, they succeeded in dousing the fire.
On the other hand, six vehicles of the fire brigade and the metropolitan corporation were busy dousing the fire and after hours of struggle managed to succeed.
At least seven fire-tenders arrived at the scene and doused the blaze after struggling with it for three hours.Fire authorities say that no arrangement was made to extinguish the blaze in the residential area, however, they also faceddifficulties in dousing the blaze due to lack of water.