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 (dŭv′kōt′, -kŏt′) also dove·cot (-kŏt′)
A compartmental structure, often raised on a pole, for housing domesticated pigeons.
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It was an old, dilapidated, mouldering dovecot. The husband's portrait was used as a weather-cock, which was connected in some way or other with the doors, and so they opened and shut of their own accord, whenever the stern old husband turned round.
"He has gone to make his report, and to say that all the pigeons are at this moment in the dovecot"
Crisp was summoned from Buxton, and abruptly carried off her darling boy; but the idea, even, of such an eagle in the Chiswick dovecot caused a great flutter in the breast of Miss Pinkerton, who would have sent away Miss Sharp but that she was bound to her under a forfeit, and who never could thoroughly believe the young lady's protestations that she had never exchanged a single word with Mr.
I abode there in meditation in a room against the dovecot - except when she talked eternally.'
Birds do not sing in caves, nor do doves cherish their innocence in dovecots.
A spokeswoman said: "Officers were called to an address on Aquarius Close, Dovecot, just after 6pm today, following reports the teenager had suffered a head injury and a minor puncture wound to the leg.
The traumatic incident occurred in Kemsley Road, Dovecot, shortly before 6.30pm on Wednesday.
Officers found a haul of suspected Class A and Class B drugs and a machete inside the house on Dovecot Street.
Jacki Parry: Resonance - Gathering and Sampling North Gallery, Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh UNTIL 26.10 AUSSIE paper-making expert Jacki Parry has lived in Scotland since 1965 when she began studying at Glasgow School of Art.
Tapestry: Weaving The Century At Dovecot Studios 1912-2012 tells the story of the Scottish company which was originally established by the fourth Marquis of Bute to furnish his homes.
A 30-year-old from Northwich, a 21-yearold from Old Swan and a 26-year-old from Dovecot were all picked up by police after a 23-year-old man was shot outside the West Derby Hotel, in West Derby Village.