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also dove·key  (dŭv′kē)
A small black-and-white seabird (Alle alle) of the Arctic and northern Atlantic Oceans, having a short bill and a stout body. Also called little auk.

[ Diminutive of dove.]
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(ˈdʌvkɪ) or


(Animals) another name for the little auk. See auk
[C19: Scottish diminutive of dove1]
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or dove•key

(ˈdʌv ki)

n., pl. -kies or -keys.
a small short-billed black-and-white auk, Alle alle, of N Atlantic and Arctic oceans.
[1815–25; dove1 + -kie compound suffix (see -ock, -ie)]
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Noun1.dovekie - small short-billed auk abundant in Arctic regionsdovekie - small short-billed auk abundant in Arctic regions
auk - black-and-white short-necked web-footed diving bird of northern seas
genus Plautus, Plautus - a genus of Alcidae
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petit guillemot
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Seabirds currently inhabiting the NOW polynya exhibit average muscle [delta][sup.15]N values ranging from 10.9[per thousand] in the zooplantivorous Dovekie (Alle alle) to 16.5[per thousand]-17.2[per thousand] in two species of piscivorous gulls (L.
In the present study, egg composition and its energetic value was estimated in the dovekie (or little auk, Alle cille), a seabird exhibiting biparental care except for the end of the chick-rearing period, when the female deserts the brood while the male continues the feeding and escorts the chick during fledging.
The Dovekie (Aile aile), or Little Auk, is a small alcid that breeds primarily in the High Arctic and overwinters primarily in the North Atlantic Ocean (Renaud and others 1982; Montevecchi and Stenhouse 2002).
The bird was identified as a dovekie, a native of Greenland that winters in the Atlantic Ocean and is sometimes spotted in New England, but rarely on Long Island.
At Wallasey, Andrew Read in Cormorant claimed the Seabird series race ahead of Geoff Stone in Dovekie and Andy Watson in Sandpiper.
Raymond) in the Vase, though it is a mixed race for owner Sheikh Mohammed as his Dovekie (Guy
(The Dovekie, Alle alle, is an exception to this rule; Bradstreet 1982.) The safety of their nests (in burrows and crevices, as opposed to the open nest sites typically used by murres and some Razorbills) might enable them to delay departure without increasing the risk of predation excessively.
Breed on the islands." We also suspect that Lord had referred to and misinterpreted the 1862 notes of CB Wood, then of HMS Hecate (who had replaced Lyall as surgeon and naturalist on HMS Plumper in summer 1860), published in Mayne (1862, p 18): "The [T]ufted Puffin, Mormon [Fratercula] cirrhata; the Horn-billed Guillemot, Cerorhina [sic] monocerata [Rhinoceros Auklet], are numerous on the sea-coasts of Vancouver and its adjacent islands, and the sea around them is often locally alive with the Sea Dove or Dovekie [Pigeon Guillemot[." Wood's apparent intended location was Vancouver Island and its adjacent islands, not Vancouver (not yet founded) and its adjacent islands (Howe Sound), and Wood possibly was referring to Lyall's Rhinoceros Auklets at Fort Rupert.
Earlier in the day the crews had been out early for a Pursuit race and fittingly it was Commodore Peter Sutton who led the way home in Dovekie ahead of Dave Syme in Terek.
Wallasey also put on a series race on Saturday and Alan Snowden led the way in Goosander ahead of Guy Hughes in Dovekie. John Richards in Valmai was third.
Energy requirements of Dovekie, Alle alle, chicks and their contribution to energy expenditure of adults.
We describe four records of colour aberrations in the dovekie (Alle alle).