dovetail joint

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Noun1.dovetail joint - a mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortisesdovetail joint - a mortise joint formed by interlocking tenons and mortises
mortise-and-tenon joint, mortise joint - a joint made by inserting tenon on one piece into mortise holes in the other
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You can use any standard joint from a simple butt joint to the elaborate dovetail joint. This is a work tote, so I'd keep it simple.
The band - Harry Baldwin on guitar and vocals, Ben Hampton on bass, and Alex Sumner on drums - released new album, Dovetail Joint, next month.
You get 140 characters to state your case and this gives everything a weight that it would not have if you were allowed to just ramble on - 140 characters mean that every tweet is as perfectly formed as a dovetail joint. A good tweet has the quality of a poem, a prayer, the pithy one-liner.
But he has not failed to create his planned dovetail joint--there was simply no dovetail joint to be made (since he possesses only the one piece of wood).
It's as well crafted as a carpenter's dovetail joint, with flawless performances and cinematography.
Piano is Klaessons new wooden armchair, that combines birch and melamine in a fusion of Nordic minimalist design with a distinctive new form of dovetail joint. The chairs can be linked for conference use, and come with either moulded or upholstered backs.
Ranging over four centuries the book is likely to become a bible for those to whom the set of a stretcher, or the relative size of a dovetail joint (larger in the 18th century than the 19th) can make a great difference to the price of a chest or a table.
The dovetail joint allows removing and replacing the finder without having to realign it with the main scope.
The criticism of this conception is that it is too "rigid," precise, and "determinate." K-B propose instead a different conception of coordination that they call "concatenate coordination." The metaphor is more of "connection as of chain-links" (to use the definition given in the Pocket Oxford Dictionary)--presumably looser and more flexible than the dovetail joint. The result is a pattern "satisfying, pleasing, or even beautiful to a mind imagined to behold it" (Klein and Briggeman, 2010, p.5).
By using a combination of a specially designed profile insert router bit and standard straight tooling, you can make a true male/female style dovetail joint while machining all pieces laying flat on the table.