dowagers hump

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dow′ager's hump′

n. Informal.
a type of kyphosis, common in older women, in which the shoulders become rounded and the upper back develops a hump.
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Being sedentary is the worst thing for your posture: It can cause muscles to atrophy, as well as place a strain on your neck and back Decades of poor posture may lead to the formation of a permanent curve in your upper back, a condition called hyperkyphosis that is sometimes commonly referred to as "Dowagers hump." This is affected both by your posture throughout your life, as well as your bone health, and is linked with both oseteoporosis and poor nutrition.
Dowagers hump is a name given to an excessive curvature to the top of the spine that you see in older women with osteoporosis.
In severe cases, osteoporosis can cause a person's shoulders to round and the upper back to deform, resulting in the condition dubbed dowagers hump.