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Noun1.Dowery - money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriagedowery - money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage
gift - something acquired without compensation
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And know, besides, sweet daughter of Zion, that were the most Christian king to offer me his most Christian daughter, with Languedoc for a dowery, I could not wed her.
She, the daughter of a petty baron, who boasted for all his domains but a ruinous tower, and an unproductive vineyard, and some few leagues of the barren Landes of Bourdeaux, her name was known wherever deeds of arms were done, known wider than that of many a lady's that had a county for a dowery.
Similarly, Rs 10,98,000 have been allocated for MORA (Ministry of Religious Affairs) education scholarships, Rs 10,98,000 for students of religious seminaries, Rs 878,000 for treatment expenses, Rs 1,317,000 for dowery and Rs 244,500 for local Zakat Chairmen.
I READ your nostalgia article 'Bygone glory of Dowery Dell'.