down pat

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Adj.1.down pat - understood perfectlydown pat - understood perfectly; "had his algebra problems down"
perfect - being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish; "a perfect circle"; "a perfect reproduction"; "perfect happiness"; "perfect manners"; "a perfect specimen"; "a perfect day"
References in classic literature ?
She's got that Indian wrestlin' down pat, an' she's built for it.
WHILE David Gandy may have dressing to impress down pat, other male celebrities are not so lucky.
Brighten up your sofa with two beautiful botanical-style cushions and you'll have the look down pat.
At least Londoner Tom should get the accent down pat.
Atkins has Parker's style down pat, and the dialogue and smart aleck cracks flash by regularly.
While we can't get you special seats for the show, we've got the film's fashion manual down pat.
With the bright blue eyes and brunette hair, Caroline has got the physical look of Ana down pat.
Lowe begged studio bosses to let the duo do a ballroom number, which the cricketer has down pat.
I have her personality down pat, her 'isms' down pat.
However, he has the voice, enthusiasm and playing style of the doomed Texan down pat.
Physically they may not make much sense together, but in terms of chemistry they have it down pat.
I don't think many teams have got it down pat," he added.