down the hatch

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hatch 1

a. An opening, as in the deck of a ship, in the roof or floor of a building, or in an aircraft.
b. The cover for such an opening.
c. A hatchway.
2. A door that opens upward on the rear of an automobile; a hatchback.
3. A floodgate.
down the hatch Slang
Drink up. Often used as a toast.

[Middle English, small door, from Old English hæc, hæcc.]

hatch 2

v. hatched, hatch·ing, hatch·es
1. To emerge from an egg or other structure that surrounds and protects an embryo.
2. To emerge from a cocoon or chrysalis.
3. To emerge from the water when transforming from an aquatic larval or pupal form to a winged form, as a mayfly or caddisfly.
1. To produce (young) from an egg or eggs.
2. To cause (an egg or eggs) to produce young.
3. To devise or originate, especially in secret: hatch an assassination plot.
a. The act or an instance of hatching from an egg or similar structure.
b. The act or an instance of emerging from a cocoon or chrysalis.
c. The act or an instance of emerging from the water when transforming from an aquatic larval or pupal form to a winged form.
a. A group of young organisms, especially birds, that hatch at one time; a brood.
b. A group of adult insects that emerge at one time.
c. A group of winged insects, as mayflies or caddisflies, that emerge at one time from a body of water.

[Middle English hacchen, from Old English *hæccan.]

hatch′er n.

hatch 3

tr.v. hatched, hatch·ing, hatch·es
To shade by drawing or etching fine parallel or crossed lines on.
A fine line used in hatching.

[Middle English hachen, to engrave, carve, from Old French hacher, hachier, to crosshatch, cut up; see hash1.]
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down the hatch

- A drinking toast of nautical origin.
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References in classic literature ?
The cook had no need to cry "second half." Dan and Manuel were down the hatch and at table ere Tom Platt, last and most deliberate of the elders, had finished wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
Long Jack roared down the hatch, and the "second ha'af" scrambled up at once.
"You pitch to dad an' Tom Platt down the hatch, an' take keer Uncle Salters don't cut yer eye out," said Dan, swinging himself into the hold.
"Pitch!" grunted Uncle Salters, without turning his head, and Harvey pitched the fish by twos and threes down the hatch.
DOWN THE HATCH opened last year, serving vegetarian and vegan junk food, ranging deep fried veggies to cauliflower five The restaurant has quickly gained a reputation for itself, serving dishes such as Beet It, which includes a falafel-style beetroot hummus, roasted red peppers, rocket, tomato and balsamic dressing.
A man found himself in quite a jam as his arm became stuck in a claw machine while trying to retrieve a stuffed Snoopy doll that had failed to fall all the way down the hatch at a crane game arcade in southern Taiwan on Sunday (March 31), reported UDN.
Just don't expect to find out why there are polar bears in the tropics and what's down the hatch.
The snakes can flip their jaws several times a second, pulling meals down the hatch in an eye blink.
Down The Hatch Everyone has cravings for junk food, and this great little place on Duke Street is the answer to every veggie's prayers.