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Adj.1.downbound - heading in any direction that is conventionally down; "a downbound channel"; "the downbound train"
down - being or moving lower in position or less in some value; "lay face down"; "the moon is down"; "our team is down by a run"; "down by a pawn"; "the stock market is down today"
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Plans for a separate downbound channel on the west side of Neebish Island emerged in 1897, with work beginning in 1902 to carve out a canal 1 mile long, 300 feet wide, and 21 feet deep through solid stone.
While the majority of tonnage is downbound, the numbers of upbound and downbound barges and tows at each lock each year are about equal.
His focus on white America makes it possible to talk about the work habits and family structure of those riding this "downbound train" (to use the title of a Bruce Springsteen song capturing this group's resignation and despair) without getting bogged down in endless debates over race.
On the Western Rivers (and certain areas of the Great Lakes) the downbound vessel with a following current has right-of-way over an upbound vessel when meeting at a bend or in confined water. is an abundant resource for all things that signify an ideological movement down the corporate ladder, down the food chain, and down to earth.
He estimates loaded freighters downbound from Thunder Bay are, on average, leaving harbour 1,000 to 1,500 tons lighter, but their neighbours across the lake in Duluth, Minnesota, which receive the larger ore boats are leaving 3,000 to 5,000 tons lighter.
Never mind what Bill Clinton did or didn't do in the last twelve months; from this seat on the downbound train, it's far more interesting to imagine what he'll be doing when it's all over.