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1. A strong downward current of air.
2. A downward trend; downturn: The business hit a downdraft.


(ˈdaʊnˌdræft, -ˌdrɑft)

a downward current, as of air.
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Noun1.downdraft - a strong downward air current
draft, draught - a current of air (usually coming into a chimney or room or vehicle)
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A downdraft is defined as a current of air common in cumuliform clouds and poses risks to light aircraft and helicopters, especially those flying near the ground.
A tornado-like vortex ([zeta]max) develops if angular momentum-rich air, which develops within an airstream that passes through the downdraft of a heat sink, is forcibly converged beneath the elevated heat source.
The Doubleblaster's style is less subtle than the Downdraft.
PHG Energy was formed in 2010 to develop, manufacture, and install industrial- grade downdraft gasification systems.
Kroll and Tower Cranes of America are set on backing Clean Wind Energy Tower in its development of the world's biggest downdraft tower, for which Kroll will provide cranes, the tower builder said.
Boston Scientific Tries to Explain Huge Stock Downdraft.
The downdraft from the Chinook's rotors was blamed for setting off a mine which killed Corporal Mark Wright, 27, as he helped an injured comrade.
The Modu-Kleen downdraft dust collector is said to represent the latest dust collector technology developed by the company to contain fugitive dust.
However, she could hear the helicopter, and the downdraft parted the trees and bushes and the crews to spotted her.
After an informative introduction, various tools and issues relevant to shop projects are covered including sharpening techniques and station, downdraft workbench, lumber and plywood storage, mobile clamping cart, drill press vise, shop built disc sander, sandpaper caddy, avoiding kickback and binding options, and a deluxe drum sander.
Other features of the expanded facility include the streamlining of new production and support operations into more of a flow line configuration, addition of an express line for high-volume repetitive models, a stand-alone custom paint center with three downdraft paint booths capable of handling equipment up to 40-plus feet in length, a consolidated materials distribution center, a steam and high pressure washing area, as well as a final inspection station.