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1. A strong downward current of air.
2. A downward trend; downturn: The business hit a downdraft.
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(ˈdaʊnˌdræft, -ˌdrɑft)

a downward current, as of air.
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Noun1.downdraft - a strong downward air current
draft, draught - a current of air (usually coming into a chimney or room or vehicle)
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Following the withdrawal of his intended mount Kangaroo Valley, Donnacha switched to Downdraft and, having tracked original favourite Masaff, quickened into the lead approaching the furlong-pole before holding Massif Central by a half-length and then surviving a Stewards Enquiry.
Joseph O'Brien, trainer of Downdraft He ran well at Royal Ascot last time and has been in good form since.
If a storm cell starts to rotate, the atmospheric heating that feeds the storm separates from the area where downdrafts of falling moisture can cause a collapse in the storm's structure.
The inflow tends to feed the updraft, while the outflow is produced by downdrafts. If you've ever seen training material where a microburst sinks and spreads at the ground, you're essentially witnessing a downdraft reaching the surface and spreading into outflow.
Featuring a vast selection of downdraft tables, fume extractors, dust collectors, paint booths and much more, Diversitech prides itself in remaining at the forefront of the industrial air filtration industry.
A downdraft is defined as a current of air common in cumuliform clouds and poses risks to light aircraft and helicopters, especially those flying near the ground.
Another detail that has been added to the conceptual model has been the presence of a smaller-scale dynamically driven "occlusion" downdraft described as a separate downdraft from the primary RFD [23].
A tornado-like vortex ([zeta]max) develops if angular momentum-rich air, which develops within an airstream that passes through the downdraft of a heat sink, is forcibly converged beneath the elevated heat source.
The Doubleblaster's style is less subtle than the Downdraft. One look at this guy, you know for a fact that it's a speaker.
PHG Energy was formed in 2010 to develop, manufacture, and install industrial- grade downdraft gasification systems.
MESOCYCLONE: This rotating column of air within the core of a supercell needs both updrafts and downdrafts to form.