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1. A strong downward current of air.
2. A downward trend; downturn: The business hit a downdraft.


(ˈdaʊnˌdræft, -ˌdrɑft)

a downward current, as of air.
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Noun1.downdraft - a strong downward air current
draft, draught - a current of air (usually coming into a chimney or room or vehicle)
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Scope : Construction of the Solar Wind Downdraft Tower in Arizona, United States.
For the first time, exterior ducting issues will not limit the choices of those who have a standard 30-inch space and prefer the high performance downdraft ventilation our brand offers," notes Jenn-Air marketing director Brian Maynard.
Hartley told the inquest his personal view was that equipment being thrown around by the helicopter's downdraft was blown on to amine, causing the explosion that killed Cpl Wright.
Meteorologists said the Long Beach damage may have been caused by a microburst - a sudden, severe downdraft that can result in fierce winds on or near the ground.
DALLAS -- The Easy-Bench(TM) desk-style, downdraft dust collector reduces worker fatigue while improving operator output rates and production quality.
The waste-to-energy technology, which will go on line early next year, is a downdraft gasification plant that will cleanly convert up to 64 tons per day of blended waste wood, scrap tires and sewer sludge into a fuel gas that will generate up to 300Kw of electricity.
At an altitude of nearly 30,000 feet, Fossett said he thought he had safely risen over the storm when a violent downdraft hit the big Solo Spirit balloon.
Short interest is clearly a concern, but only becomes an issue if CAT hits a sudden downdraft and takes out its technical support, which doesn't seem likely at this point.
OTCQB: SWET) is the innovator and creator behind the only hybrid solar-wind technology in the market today named Solar Wind Downdraft Tower.
The Company's advanced technology products for the homeland security industry include its EnviroSecure(TM) IMS-based "sniffer" systems, to monitor air quality in buildings and public venues for the presence of airborne chemical threats; the AirCHX downdraft inspection workstation based on patented downdraft technology developed by its strategic marketing partner DualDraw LLC, and intelligent video security surveillance technology offered with strategic partner, Intelligent Security Systems, Inc.
The new Cattura downdraft is as effective as a traditional island hood, but takes its form as a thin, sleek and retractable unit that elevates kitchen design and improves indoor air quality.
Other high performance appliances featured in the Thermador Freedom Lounge include the 27" depth Pro Grand(TM) Professional Series Ranges, built-in wall ovens featuring a breakthrough control system, gas and electric cooktops, traditional built-in refrigeration, Powerfully Quiet(TM) dishwashers, warming drawers, downdraft ventilation and Char-Glo(R) drop-in outdoor barbeques.