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n. Nautical
A trolling rig that consists of a weighted cable attached below the boat to a fishing line, used to troll a lure or live bait deep in the water without the need for a weight on the fishing line.
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Most boats will be in full mahi mode in May, but the area between 120 and 180 feet will still have enough wahoo to keep an llander over a big ballyhoo on your downrigger or planer rod.
I occasionally use lead-filled soup cans for anchors, but more recently have converted to downrigger balls, available at most fishing retailers.
Soon after that the center downrigger released and my dad mastered the fishing pole and reeled in a more modest fish--7 pounds, 8 ounces.
[2] Recent additions to Cannon's downrigger accessories are a line of rod holders including fixed mount and single- or double-axis adjustable mount models.
When the graph climbed to 40 feet, we cranked the downrigger balls up to 35 to keep the lures out of the weeds.
The fish snapped at a sardine trolled 100 feet down on a downrigger while he was fishing with pals off Vancouver Island.
A line was floated down the existing sewer line to attach to the cable line of the pipe bursting system's eight-ton winch, which was set up with its downrigger section lowered into the manhole 370 ft from the entry point.
Perhaps the most memorable incident occurred when he accompanied his grandfather fishing and threw Granddad's $300 downrigger (a weight made of cast iron) off the fishing boat.
Once in an area that looks fishy, the boats will slow troll live baitfish on the surface using a kite and from a downrigger that keeps a few baits below the surface or close to the bottom.
HammerHead's 12-ton pulling winch, the HydroGuide HG12 with patented, self-deploying downrigger, supports the new process.