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adv. & adj.
Toward or near the mouth of a river; in the direction of the current: swam downriver; a downriver canoe race.
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(ˈdaʊnˈrɪv ər)

adv., adj.
in the direction of the current of a river.
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Adv.1.downriver - away from the source or with the current
upriver, upstream - toward the source or against the current
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Markielau reported he was able to pull his wife out of the water a short distance away downriver, but she had died by then, the troopers said.
Two boats were spotted under the bridge which later expanded the search downriver.
Joining this journey downriver in place and time, from Port Huron to Monroe, from the 1600s to the present, provides insight and hope for the region's water-based renaissance.
Line began to peel off steadily downriver against the heavy drag.
An official for the Department of Homeland Security said that while some struggled to stay afloat and hug the overturned raft, others were swept downriver by the currents.
Firefighters stopped it after several hours.A floating pontoon with the popular restaurant Knajpa, situated on the Danube between the Eurovea shopping centre and Apollo Bridge, broke loose on December 25 and drifted downriver for eight kilometres.
However, he was obviously a very intelligent animal as he mostly splashed around downriver and swam wellclear of the notorious boardwalk.
The bodies of Tala Farea, 16, and her sister Rotana, 23, were found on October 23 floating near Riverside Park about 3.5 miles (5.6 kilometers) downriver from the George Washington Bridge, which connects Manhattan with the state of New Jersey, Anadolu Agency reported.
2F), and is supplemented downriver by other springs resulting in a mean discharge of about 6.32 m V s near the mouth (Cooley, 1976).
'This is a big problem, not small,' Kheng said, adding that the pollution is plain to see downriver, and that 'smart officials' have already taken note of the 'black water' and built their homes upstream.
'A total of nine (9) episodes of tremor, four (4) of which accompanied short-duration lava fountaining, and 75 lava collapse events, corresponding to rockfall along the front and margins of advancing lava and short pyroclastic flows downriver of Miisi Gully within the permanent danger zone, were recorded by Mayon's seismic network,' Phivolcs said.