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A vertical pipe for carrying rainwater down from a roof gutter.


(Building) US and Canadian a pipe for carrying rainwater from a roof gutter to the ground or to a drain. Also called: drainpipe or downpipe (in Britain and certain other countries)



a vertical pipe for conveying rainwater from a roof or gutter to the ground or to a drain; leader.
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Q: Last winter, I noticed that when we had a snowfall that exceeded a couple of inches and the temperature stayed below 32 for a week or so, the corner of the roof where the downspout is would begin to overflow when the temperature did exceed 32.
There is no diverter equipment because Tankspout connects directly to the conventional downspout with an included adapter.
com), recently developed a novel solution for homeowners who suffer foundation flooding from gutters and downspouts.
Just as a downspout does, they hang from a hole in the gutter, and the rain trickles down them to a splash block, drain system, or rain barrel.
After all the gutters are cleaned out, run the water hose down the downspout at full pressure.
The beautification to the existing residential properties (for approximately 80 single family homes) are to include, but not limited to: pressure cleaning and exterior painting services, replacement of exterior doors services, replacement of impact and non-impact sliding glass door(s) services, the repaving and new installation of driveway and approach services, the replacement of older windows to impact or non-impact single hung, casement and or horizontal sliders, installation of hurricane shutters, installation and replacement of rotted fascia, soffit, soffit screens, gutter and downspout services.
Roofing, gutter and downspout contractors--mainly local small businesses--have historically relied on the print and electronic Yellow Pages to help build a customer base because of the medium's high return on investment," said Larry Small, director of research for the YPA.
820 m2 brick-pitched roof, 900 m2 Roofing, 150 m gutter, downspout 130 m.
Another consumer bought a downspout she thought was new, but found out -- after it collapsed -- that it wasn't.
Other locations that may be conducive to termite activity include high-moisture areas near the roof downspout, sprinkler heads or air conditioner drip lines.
Unlike wire-mesh or plastic dome products, which are only partially effective, PermaFlow eliminates the need for frequent gutter cleaning and prevents downspout and drainpipe clogs that can lead to sagging gutters and rotting fascia boards.
The new catch basins are to be installed below each downspout for collection of water and distribution through plastic piping and diverted to the existing retention ponds.