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1. A decrease, especially a small or incremental one.
2. A transaction in a stock market security below the price of the previous transaction.
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1. a small and sometimes incremental decrease
2. a decrease in the price of a stock transaction compared to the price of the previous transaction of the same stock
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a slight decline, as in a stock price. Compare uptick.
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Noun1.downtick - a transaction in the stock market at a price below the price of the preceding transaction
transaction, dealing, dealings - the act of transacting within or between groups (as carrying on commercial activities); "no transactions are possible without him"; "he has always been honest is his dealings with me"
uptick - a transaction in the stock market at a price above the price of the preceding transaction
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A report on monthly retail sales is due Monday, with economists expecting the report to show a .1% downtick for January.
The downtick might have something to do with the ( controversies surrounding their user policies , especially in the wake of the Trump administration and the rise of the alt-right and the white nationalist movement.
This increase is mainly owed to the rise in foreign currency debt.In details, local currency debt grasped a stake of 57.88% of total gross debt and recorded an annual 1.71% downtick to stand at $48.63B by October 2018.
Although the DB 2019 report records a downtick from the previous year's ranking of 145, the country overall gained 1.37 points in its Distance-To-Frontier (DTF) scores, which assess the absolute level of regulatory performance over an one year time period.
Among indicators with negative growth, we mention construction permits with a fall of 15.9%, value of property sales with a contraction of 15.6%, merchandise at the Port with a fall of 7.9%, new car sales with a decline of 5.7%, cement deliveries with a decrease of 4.1%, imports with a drop of 3.0%, and cleared checks with a downtick of 1.5%.
The 2008 standby facility fell apart by 2011 precisely when relations with America were already on a downtick, and set to hit rock bottom with the Abbottabad raid a month later, followed by the Salala incident in November of that same year.
Democrats' positive views edged up slightly during the Obama years compared with the two Bush terms, but so far have shown no significant downtick, even with Trump in the White House.
We did see a downtick with the most recent presidential election, said Jeff Hoskinson, director of sales & marketing for MGM Targets, in Caldwell, though he said his company's business remains good.
It indicates downtick in net domestic assets (NDA) and net foreign assets (NFA) of the banking system during the period under consideration.
market still had some way to go and the downtick is likely to continue affecting most equity markets including the KOSPI.
The downtick in spreads on fresh disbursements is attributable to a higher fund cost as cost of fresh deposits was up 12bps MoM against a 6bps MoM improvement in yield on fresh lending.
To put it more simply, claim substantiation should be based on whether credible and properly qualified experts have a reasonable basis to conclude the claim is supported by the science, and such opinions cannot be defeated by the government or a private plaintiff by simply stating "our experts disagree." If courts would simply adopt this common-sense position, we may finally see a downtick in questionable enforcement actions and plaintiff class-action lawsuits.