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A block of historic brick buildings spared at the last minute from the wrecking ball will have a new life as a result of a public-private partnership that is working together to revitalize a key part of the Village of Catskill's downtown area.
Santa Paula's city fathers are hoping to recapture a bit of the city's prosperous 19th century past by sprucing up the old railroad depot as part of an overall plan to restore the downtown area for tourism.
Mounted on utility poles and private establishments, the majority of the units provide Wi-Fi access to a seven block region of the downtown area, including hotels and high-rise apartment buildings.
In other business, the board also announced its plans to step up communication with businesses and residences in the downtown area.
Seattle police, stunned by the chaos in the streets on Tuesday, called in 200 unarmed National Guard troops and 300 state police to help keep calm Wednesday - and to enforce a no-protest zone in the downtown area.
We fully expect this development to become the focal point of the downtown area and to further enhance its desirability and attractiveness to both business and leisure travelers.
Menin: Wall Street Rising (WSR) has raised more than $3 million since October 2001 to develop programs to drive business to the devastated Downtown area.
In addition, city officials redesigned Railroad Avenue to improve the traffic flow in the downtown area to make the area more attractive to visitors.
Expansion of automotive production, modernization efforts of the downtown area, and burgeoning residential construction throughout the city are expected to sustain the rapid economic expansion of the past few years.
Summary: The rejuvenation of Beirut's Downtown area will jump-start with weekend activities beginning this Sunday, the capital's mayor said Monday.
Grant applicants must be organizations that represent a downtown area and who partner with their local municipality.
Tenders are invited for Parking Management Plan For The City Of Fayetteville Downtown Area