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douse 1

also dowse  (dous)
tr.v. doused, dous·ing, dous·es also dowsed or dows·ing or dows·es
1. To wet thoroughly; drench.
2. To put out (a light or fire); extinguish: doused the campfire with a bucket of water.
A thorough drenching.

[From obsolete douse, to strike.]

dous′er n.

douse 2

Variant of dowse1.

dowse 1

also douse  (douz)
intr.v. dowsed, dows·ing, dows·es also doused or dous·ing or dous·es
To use a divining rod to search for underground water or minerals.

[Origin unknown.]

dowse 2

v. & n.
Variant of douse1.


the practice of prospecting for water or minerals using a divining rod


a form of divination involving a rod or wand, especially the art of finding underground supplies of water, ores, etc. Also called rhabdomancy.
See also: Water


1. A method of divination used to locate things, often using special rods, under the earth, including water, mineral deposits, bodies, archaeological sites, cables, pipes, tunnels, lost property or hidden treasure. Dowsing may involve radiesthesia.
2. A method of locating something that is hidden or buried using a stick or pendulum.
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Noun1.dowsing - searching for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod
fortune telling, soothsaying, foretelling, divination - the art or gift of prophecy (or the pretense of prophecy) by supernatural means
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CLEVELAND Retired Men's Association: Members were treated to a demonstration of dowsing by David and Eleanor Burke and two of their students from the British Dowsers Association.
But determined pet owners in the North East are going to great lengths to reunite furry felines with their distressed families - including the ancient practice of dowsing.
Dowsers from across the globe attend the convention to learn about dowsing for a wide variety of applications including locating water, oil, mineral deposits, lost objects, answering questions, map dowsing, remote dowsing, and much more.
Dowsing is an ancient act of finding what you seek.
The American Society of Dowsing held a dowsers conference at the University of California Santa Cruz annually, but for whatever reason has not held one for the past few years.
I also met up with the amazing John Flavell to confirm dates for our Dowsing Courses and demonstrations for this year.
DURING the Middle Ages, dowsing was associated with sorcery.
A UTILITY company engineer from Wirral has revealed how he uses the ancient art of dowsing to locate burst water pipes.
Scientists dismiss dowsing as superstition, preferring technology like electromagnetic imaging to Locate water.
ANYONE interested in dowsing can take part in a series of guided dowsing walks in Kenilworth.
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