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n. pl. dox·ol·o·gies
An expression of praise to God, especially a short hymn sung as part of a Christian worship service.

[Medieval Latin doxologia, from Greek doxologiā, praise : doxa, glory, honor (from dokein, to seem; see dek- in Indo-European roots) + logos, saying; see -logy.]

dox′o·log′i·cal (dŏk′sə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
dox′o·log′i·cal·ly adv.
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n, pl -gies
(Ecclesiastical Terms) a hymn, verse, or form of words in Christian liturgy glorifying God
[C17: from Medieval Latin doxologia, from Greek, from doxologos uttering praise, from doxa praise; see -logy]
doxological adj
ˌdoxoˈlogically adv
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(dɒkˈsɒl ə dʒi)

n., pl. -gies.
1. a hymn or form of words containing an ascription of praise to God.
2. the Doxology, the metrical formula beginning “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”
[1640–50; < Medieval Latin doxologia < Greek, =doxo-, comb. form of dóxa honor, glory + -logia -logy]
dox`o•log′i•cal (-səˈlɒg ɪ kəl) adj.
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a short hymn expressing praise to God. — doxological, adj.
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Noun1.doxology - a hymn or verse in Christian liturgy glorifying God
Christian liturgy - the Christian worship services
hymn, anthem - a song of praise (to God or to a saint or to a nation)
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References in classic literature ?
"Tha' might sing th' Doxology," he suggested in his dryest grunt.
But Colin was of an exploring mind and he knew nothing about the Doxology.
"I never seed no sense in th' Doxology afore," he said hoarsely, "but I may change my mind i' time.
"Th' Magic listened when tha' sung th' Doxology. It would ha' listened to anything tha'd sung.
And when those defendants were remonstrated with, their captain snapped his fingers in the plaintiffs' teeth, and assured them that by way of doxology to the deed he had done, he would now retain their line, harpoons, and boat, which had remained attached to the whale at the time of the seizure.
It was Villa who started and pitched the Doxology, but quickly the two dogs joined with their own soft, mellow howling, if howling it may be called when it was so soft and mellow and true.
I will attend them, when I have completed my morning praise, to which nothing is now wanting but the doxology. Wilt thou bear a part, friend?
Ten years earlier he had lifted the chant, sung to the air of the "Doxology," when afflicted with the fever to go gold-mining in Patagonia.
The DOST officials and employees are now becoming familiar with de la Pena's singing at DOST public events, such as at the doxology at the NSTW in 2018 and last June.
Matthew's version finishes with an additional blessing to God, called a doxology."For thine is the kingdom the power and the glory, for ever AMEN."This doxology indicates that the Early Church had started to recite the Lord's Prayer during worship.We do the same The Lord's Prayer is the church's precious prayer from Jesus.
Today each period of the divine office is comprised of several psalms, each bookended with an antiphon (like a refrain) and a doxology (a proclamation of praise to God).
And what was true 50 years ago remains true today: Apart from marking ourselves with the sign of our faith and praying the doxology, which both affirm the triune God, little recognizable thought or attention is typically given to the Trinity.