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Noun1.draba - any of numerous low-growing cushion-forming plants of the genus Draba having rosette-forming leaves and terminal racemes of small flowers with scapose or leafy stems; fruit is a dehiscent oblong or linear silique
genus Draba - large genus of low tufted herbs of temperate and Arctic regions
Draba verna, shadflower, shad-flower, whitlow grass - annual weed of Europe and North America having a rosette of basal leaves and tiny flowers followed by oblong seed capsules
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
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He also mentioned the development projects including upgradation of 40MV receiving station into 70 MV in Draba, New College at Tehsil Mandi and new sports infrastructure in Sports Stadium, Poonch.
The CEC said the current uniforms - white shirt for men and dark green skirts for women - are draba and do not portray the culture.
Draba altacia###Draba altacia###Taxaxacum officale###Padiculsris rhinanthoides
Brassicaceae Draba brackenridgei A.Gray H x x NR Brassicaceae Draba pickeringii A.Gray H x Brassicaceae Lepidium bipinnatifidum H x x Desv.
incana (Ledeb.) Melilotus officinalis (L.) Desr Chamb Cardaria draba (L.) Desv.
They said that that there were five tubewells in Tarkhakoi, Draba Kallay, Mechar Banda, Sraykhwa, Kashmiri Banda and other adjacent localities but all the drinking water supply schemes were faulty.
And there are the other characters from the Bible: God the Father (Joshua Manalastas), Jesus (Jhon Rheymel Lunes, who also played the Serpent until the consultant objected, opining that one who plays Jesus should not be the Serpent during the same performance!), Mother Mary (Rose Lee), Child Raul (John Dave Cajanding), Adam (Derek Draba), Eve (Heidi Dacles), Noah (Abarca), Moses (John Mark Lubay), Abraham (Lubay) and the Pharaoh (Umpad).
Jamal Ahamed, "Kaempferol glycosides and cardenolide glycosides, cytotoxic constituents from the seeds of Draba nemorosa (Brassicaceae)," Archives of Pharmacal Research, vol.
The most common herbs were Arenaria serpyllifolia, Capsella bursapastoris, Cardamine hirsuta, Cichorium intybus, Claytonia virginica, Conium maculatum, Conyza canadensis, Draba verna, Erigeron annuus, Galinsoga quadriradiata, Geum canadense, Impatiens pallida, Lepidium virginicum, Medicago lupulina, Oxalis stricta, Plantago lanceolata, P.