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drab 1

adj. drab·ber, drab·best
a. Of a dull grayish to yellowish brown.
b. Of a light olive brown or khaki color.
2. Faded and dull in appearance.
3. Dull or commonplace in character; dreary: a drab personality. See Synonyms at dull.
1. A dull grayish to yellowish or light olive brown.
2. Cloth of this color or of an unbleached natural color.

[Alteration of obsolete French drap, cloth, from Old French; see drape.]

drab′ly adv.
drab′ness n.

drab 2

1. A slovenly woman; a slattern.
2. A woman prostitute.
intr.v. drabbed, drab·bing, drabs
To consort with prostitutes: "Even amid his drabbing, he himself retained some virginal airs" (Stanislaus Joyce).

[Possibly of Celtic origin (akin to Scottish Gaelic dràbag Irish Gaelic drabóg, slattern) or from Dutch drab, dregs.]

drab 3

A negligible amount: finished the work in dribs and drabs.

[Probably alteration of drib.]
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42) As with female peahens, such technology might well reveal that it is the "showier" nudge that captures attention--and as with the drabber peacocks, drabber nudges may well suffer in comparison.
Romanticism, in this latter sense, is revolutionary, but it is also something that Robinson's London, Robinson's England, has turned away from towards a narrower, and drabber, form of Protestant commercialism.
The female is much drabber in brown and beige with a bright yellow tail.
All the same, specialists in the law of statutory interpretation, perhaps a drabber group, should love the case.
The Dani people of New Guinea, the subjects of Dead Birds, lived a nearly Stone Age existence, and yet he found in this remote group of indigenous people common ground: "They dressed their lives with plumage, but faced as certain death as the rest of us drabber souls.
Driving north along the pot-holed road to Sofia the villages get poorer and drabber.
Eugene's visual arts world, too, got even drabber when Opus VII closed its doors in April, continuing a dismal trend for galleries here over the past few years.
Aubin's costumes, a fanciful asset earlier in the cycle, couldn't have been drabber or duller.