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Noun1.draft animal - an animal used for pulling heavy loadsdraft animal - an animal used for pulling heavy loads
work animal - an animal trained for and used for heavy labor
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Like the animals upon which the warriors were mounted, the heavier draft animals wore neither bit nor bridle, but were guided entirely by telepathic means.
The Thurians breed lidi, which, having the strength and intelligence of an elephant, make excellent draft animals.
She re-joins the department at a time when animal welfare is a top priority for the Government, demonstrated by a number of recent announcements including legislation making CCTV cameras mandatory in slaughterhouses, the call for evidence on a ban on third party puppy sales and the draft animal welfare bill.
The draft Animal Welfare Bill says the government "must have regard to the welfare needs of animals as sentient beings in formulating and implementing government policy".
It cannot be left behind," she said of their water buffalo, a common draft animal in the Philippines.
The draft Animal Welfare (Sentencing and Recognition of Sentence) Bill, published on Tuesdaywould increase the maximum penalty for animal welfare offences from six months to five years' imprisonment.
Animals Lebanon is now in the process of taking their draft animal protection and welfare law for parliamentary approval after it was approved by the Cabinet in 2014.
This grid could then be broken apart by men with long pike poles, and then floated to the edge and drawn out by draft animal power.
Included are profiles and discussion by about 60 farmers and equipment manufacturers who use draft animal power, discussion of technical harnessing and hitching, and the use of vintage equipment.
Ralph is far from alone in embracing draft animal power.
The aim: to witness the latest in draft animal technology.
It reviewed the final report for its team in charge of studying the draft animal welfare law and veterinary medical professions practice law, which were referred by the government.