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Noun1.draft beer - beer drawn from a kegdraft beer - beer drawn from a keg    
beer - a general name for alcoholic beverages made by fermenting a cereal (or mixture of cereals) flavored with hops
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Just ordering a featured dish - Seafood Medley, one would received a German Mug of draft beer for free.
The reasons include the difference between canned and draft beer, which can amount to several cents.Pubs are gradually losing customers, the Sme daily wrote on March 14, adding that customers have started preferring canned beer at home.
"Hopsy has created an alternative distribution system where customers can order fresh draft beer from local breweries in small 32oz growlettes," Tron says.
If it's draft beer, chances are you're holding a shaker pint.
After college and a variety of entry-level jobs, the twins started meeting people in the draft beer world.
According to the vendor, bar and restaurant owners are seeing increased profit margins as the tubes help drive draft beer sales.
New York, July 16 (ANI): Japan's ANA airline has become the first airline to offer draft beer in-flight.
During Argentina's first World Cup match on Saturday (June 12), a sports bar launched a promotion in which all the customers are given a free draft beer whenever the Argentine squad gets scored on.
Beginning in the 1940s, Northern held the monopoly on all sales of draft beer north of the French River until a legal challenge by a Kirkland Lake outlet permitted national breweries access to the region in the mid-90s.
In March, Scottish & Newcastle, the UK's largest brewer, and Denmark's Carlsberg combined operations that equip and support British pubs in dispensing draft beer.
The Sapporo Beer Garden, a noted tourist spot in the Hokkaido capital, had been selling draft beer mixed with beer left unsold from the previous day until last February, its operator said Friday.